2020 Fashion Fortune Telling

Welcome fellow fashionistas. Make yourselves comfortable in this gypsy tent! It’s time to watch with wonder as I look into my crystal ball of style. Lets predict the fashion trends that will become popular in the upcoming new year, 2020. By the time I finish listing this off with my fortune telling, perhaps one of these trends will be added in your new year’s resolution.

Lathered in Leather!

Now, it’s a product that’s all year round, which means a must for your wardrobe. There’s no wrong wear for this fabric, be it a leather jacket, skirt, shorts or heels, it brings a sense of sophistication to your style while keeping it edgy. Leather has no certain occasion, making it an easy choice to wear for any soirĂ©e or affair.

As always and as the rockers love, leather is here to stay! BUT as the years go by, don’t forget to be ethical in your fashion choices! You can definitely embrace an edgy biker or sophisticated rockstar look whilst selecting your leather pieces from sources of either sustainable leather, cruelty free leather, or better yet faux leather! Yes, yes, yes it is deemed luxurious to have real thing especially from exotic animals, but what’s more luxurious is a heart of gold in 2020.

Co-ordinate, and suit up!

I personally love co-ords and suits. They give such powerful statements. From the upcoming decades suits have really branched out from the black and white extravaganza. It has given us ladies and gents so much room to spin up a boujee look. Co-ords have definitely taken the essence of suits and transformed them into something that’s 21st century chic.

What are the many ways to rock a suit/co-ord? Matching fabrics, almost silky to the touch, delicately stitched in a pajama liked style definitely exudes in elegance and comfort. Or, you could go all out with a full matching 3 piece looks for class and completeness. You can always keep it classy in monotone colours or deep tones such as navy blue for a corporate and clean look.

Lastly we definitely see the trend of tailored shorts and a blazer continuing to hit the the streets and your Instagram feeds! These are just a few ways you can rock the suits, all you gotta do is be creative and find the right way to suit up for you!

Pleasingly Pleated! – Pants

The trend with pleats has definitely been on going, especially when it comes to pleated skirts. These flowy and flare pieces, have always been observed as a style of femininity and gracefulness. Well, we’re here to say that you could achieve the exact same look with PANTS! We are in a beautiful new world of work-joggers and cardigan-blazers, ready to forgive our flat-fronted sins in the seventies, fifties and twenties like a shunned prophet.

Lets not forget that the front-pleated pants look has become more modernized as an extra blessing. Comfort, sophistication and straight up beautiful, if you’ve yet to join the bandwagon, then let 2020 be your excuse to do so!

Fancy a Fanny Pack?

Everyone has developed their version of this 80’s fashion staple from Gucci to Fendi and there are countless ways to style them! You could go old school and wear them on the hip, but in order to bring this trend into the future, be imaginative and sling them over your chest or around your waist!

In Malaysia especially, a lot of people are still getting used to the comeback of this sometimes loved, sometimes hated trend. With a stereotypical deemed outlook of either a DVD seller or a night market sales person, some people tend to avoid this accessory completely! Well, we dare you to grow up in 2020, build a world away from stereotypes, and try something different. Even designer brands have returned to their fanny pack game in this century with their various options such as the Gucci Marmont belt bag and the Dionysus super mini.

We’ll be Biking around Shortly……


No longer for your cycle sash, the gym or your next fly class. Bike Shorts is all the rage now, this trend is rocking everybody from Kim K to Hailey Baldwin. Please throw away the slouch socks and high top sneakers and take a fresh look at this retro style. Pair your biker shorts with an oversized sweater and boots, a crisp white button down, oversized blazers and pumps or a cropped sweatshirt and sneakers; except for the slouch socks!

Styling with biker shorts, is definitely a trend that defines eclectic fashion, pieces you’d never actually put together. It’s like dipping your salted McDonald’s fries into some sweet ice cold vanilla ice-cream at the drive-thru. Two different worlds, that come together so mysteriously well!

Beautifully Sustainable <3

Sustainable fashion and its awareness has been breaking the internet and our fashionably enthusiastic conversations with our friends. It warms my heart to see that people are becoming more mindful of the environmental impact that they have. They are now opting for eco-conscious luxury brands in an effort to reduce waste.

I predict that there will be more garments made from recycled fabrics, organic leathers, antique hand-me-downs and repurposed textiles. From influencers to the many informative articles online, the path to sustainable styling has definitely been paved for us. Thus, all that is left is to bring this prediction to reality and beyond.

To sum it all up?

This is where I end my fortune telling AND the end of our stylish write-ups for the semester. They may seize to come true or they might actually be the next steaming hot trends of 2020. As we dive into the next chapter of life, well find out soon enough! But i think that is the fun part of waiting. The anticipation may be the utmost palpitating feeling but it is an exciting discovery worth waiting for. Sarah the fortune teller signing off with New Years wishes for all of our readers.

Love from the Style Section, we’ll see you guys once again in the Spring, so good luck with your examinations and stay stylish!

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Written by Mariyam Sarah Fath Hulla, Style Section Writer.

Photos sourced from Pinterest.