2021 Fashion Predictions: an Easy Guide

2020 was a whirlwind for fashion trends from Y2K to biker shorts. Now with the New Year of 2021, I bet you are all highly anticipating what new trends we will be in indulging next! Are we revisiting the 60s, 80s, or perhaps even neon colors? Well, search no further! Here is the juicy rundown on my favorite 2021 fashion predictions to ensure that you are always ahead of the game! 

Bubblegum Pink

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It’s fun and flirty this season. This color looks amazing on everyone and is bound to make you stand out in a crowd. A shakeup from last year monochrome brown palettes, we are going bold. I am loving it. 

Loose Trousers

Source: Buzzfeed

Out with the skinny and in with the baggy! We have seen this one coming for a while now. Towards the end of 2020, low-waisted, loose-fitted jeans were all the rage and it is only fair it carried onto 2021! These trousers are perfect to match with a cute camisole or baggy tee. I cannot wait to see how designers will style loose trousers on the (virtual) runway. 

Oversized Boyfriend Jackets 

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Surely I am not the only one obsessed with anything oversized and comfy! There is something undeniably chic yet effortless when clothing is oversized. Not to mention, they are extremely versatile for layering to add a little more spice to your ‘fits! Lastly, no, you won’t need a boyfriend to keep up with this 2021 fashion prediction! Seeing that ‘boyfriend’ type clothes are a blast from the 2000s past, you may very well find a suitable article in your own closet. If not, try raiding your dad’s closet before you go running to the closest department store to save a little money!  


Source: VOGUE Magazine Pinterest

Image Sourced from: Vogue Magazine Pinterest  

Sorry not sorry, neon is the color scheme of the year. Electric and shocking, you will surely blow everyone away. This year, we are going to have tons of fashion highlights (if you get what mean!). 

White Knee-High Boots

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I know it may seem a little out there for everyday wear but hear me out: paired with a simple mini dress or a basic outfit, you will steal the show without even trying. Plus, it will be equally stunning with bolder outfits. Patterns, and colors are always welcome! These boots are versatile in the sense that it can dress up a simple outfit, yet it adds emphasis to a bold look without overwhelming the viewer. To be honest, I cannot wait to get a pair of my own! They give me Totally Spies vibes and I am living for it.  

Bold Bermuda Shorts 

Source: Highsnobriety

Are you ready for some leg action? Bermuda shorts are making a comeback hotter than ever. This year we are welcoming colors and funky patterns! It is perfect for our all-year-round hot and humid climate.  

Cross-body Bags

Source: UNIF

While 2020 was filled with mini shoulder bags, this year we are making room on our shelves for cross-body bags. Although they have made a few appearances in the past, they remained extremely underrated. It is finally time for some sling action. Maybe if it’s not too much to hope for, we will have more space to carry masks and sanitizers! 


Source: Radio Times

Image sourced from: https://www.radiotimes.com/news/tv/comedy/2020-08-08/friends-reunion-release-date-hbo/ 

Flared pants, patterns, and cute crop tops in all the best colors the rainbow has to offer is a definite yes for me! It’s high time we all re-binge Friends and Clueless to prepare for the new year. Promised to be filled with laughs and beautiful memories, we are all aspiring to have countless iconic 90s fashion moments like Monica, Ross and Cher.  

 Chunky boots  

Source: @/thejuliama on Instagram

The bigger, the better. 2021 is all about statements, and it is no surprise that chunky boots have made the cut. We are talking about wide, big-heeled, bulky footwear. This 2021 fashion prediction is sure to give you and your outfit the edge it’s missing. This is your calling to pull out your favorite Doc Martens or Timberlands to run the streets. I am sure you have seen this trend coming too, with all the fashionable boots advertisements on your Instagram feed. 

These are only a few speculated trends to show up in 2021. There will be more to come so if you are interested to get the full run down, don’t be afraid to check out these links: 

Thank you for reading! I can’t wait to (hopefully) see everyone rocking these 2021 fashion predictions next year on campus! 

By: Xjinnie Tan

Seeing that a lot of these 2021 fashion predictions are upcycled from past trends, you can thrift to try out these styles. See our guide to thrifting here