#36 StyleWatch: February 2019

Surely thrifting has become very prevalent within youth culture, as you can find really unique clothing articles; as compared to retail stores, it’s usually basic stuff or trends from fast fashion (capitalism!). Which is why this week on StyleWatch, we take a look at students who exude a unique sense of styles through their thrifted treasures.

Low Tse Yenn | 1st Year ICS | Malaysia

When asked why she chose her outfit for today, Tse Yenn told me it’s “simple and minimalistic,” and I couldn’t agree more! Her black blouse hangs loosely but is tucked in and contrasted with her light-coloured, ripped mom jeans, and finally parted with a brown belt in between black and white.

But what really pushes this outfit to a completely different direction is her oversized Wonda Coffee worker’s windbreaker – think: Lana Del Rey, Queen of the Gas Station Aesthetic™. Along with her ripped jeans, she is able to pull of a vintage and deliberate messy look (I woke up like this!)

Windbreaker – thrifted from Okgo store
Top – Pull and Bear
Jeans – Uniqlo
Belt – thrifted from Family Bundle
Earrings – a stall in UNMC

Natasha Nor Azmi | 1st Year ICS with ELL | Malaysia

Natasha is seen rocking some chill, bohemian vibes. Decked out in a full on billowy red shirt with modestly-coloured floral details, it’s able to concoct a blend between traditional and modern fashion – a true young heart with an old soul.

Accompanying with a full set of black jeans, boots and sunnies, she’s really able to showcase the shirt as a statement piece. With a light layer of makeup and her hair down, she’s out here riding the winds with that vintage outfit.

Shirt – thrifted
Jeans – Topshop
Boots – Forever 21
Sunglasses – H&M

Joshua Ho Cheng Wei | 1st Year ICS | Malaysia

Anyone wouldn’t have batted an eye when another guy wore yet another white t-shirt and shorts combo, but I believe there is basic-basic and top-tier-basic, you feel me? And to be honest, the challenge of working a minimalist look is to dress like so, yet still being able to stand out from the crowd, and Joshua here really hits that top tier!

His plain white-tee has a thick collar, which resembles a turtleneck but not quite, he then layers on a nice gabardine jacket with large pockets, finishing it off with a pair of black shorts and kicks. Keeping it super casual, yet well-dressed enough for most low-key events.   

Shirt: thrifted
Jacket: thrifted
Pants: SPAO
Shoes: Puma
Socks: Daiso

That’s a wrap for this week’s StyleWatch! Keep your eyes out for our writers and you might be featured next!

Written by Chong Yit Hong

Fashion failures happen, but with failure comes success.

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