42nd Ordinary Student Council Meeting

The Student Council (SC) Committee conducted its 42nd Ordinary Meeting on the 16th of October in F1A13. Farah Azaharuddin, the Chairperson of the Steering Committee, moderated proceedings which began at 7:00 PM. It began with greetings and apologies from absent Committee Members. This was followed by nomination speeches for the position of SC Secretary and positions within the Elections Committee. A question and answer session was opened shortly thereafter. The meeting concluded at 8:30 PM.

Students Council Secretary

Shaarif Hood got elected soon after since he was the only nominee for the Secretary position who presented himself. Speaking with Ignite, Shaarif understands the clerical role of the position and other accompanying responsibilities. However, he wishes to foster greater interaction and awareness between the Student Council and the students.

Student Council Elections Committee

For nominations to the Elections Committee, Kanchi Gupta, Laila AlQirim, Tiasha Karunaratne and Muhammad Nasrul were given the stage to attest to their election. Summarily, they advocated for transparency, efficiency and increased student participation in the elections. They also vouched for their respective experience in other positions. Altogether, they were elected to the Committee.

Motion Changes

The meeting entertained a single motion proposed by the International Students’ Officer (ISO), Utkarsh Gupta. It was based upon the addition of the Nottingham Advantage Award (NAA) Global Citizen Module to the Portfolio of the Student Association ISO. This amendment would supplement Chapter 11 Section 10.2 of the Student Association Constitution.

Citing the continuation and smooth running of the module alongside the Module convenor, the ISO, under the proposed amendment, would act as the Co-Convenor in a strategy to promote a more student-oriented approach. Furthermore, Utkarsh advocated for this amendment as a means of fulfilling the University’s Strategic Roadmap objective. He stated that Executive Committee members should leave an impact on the students.

The aforementioned module aims at encouraging students to educate themselves on different cultures. For example, arts and language by interacting with an international student.

Thus, with an almost unanimous vote of 34-1 by the SC, the agreed amendment: “Suggest changes to the module if deemed necessary based on feedback received from students and the module convenor, and makes those changes in line with NAA Protocol”, was passed.

Q&A Session

Next, the floor was open to questions. Queries regarding street lights, especially within the Sports Complex vicinity, and the bus schedule were raised. Home Students’ Officer Mustafa Zoher briefly addressed these matters by stating he was looking into them. He will be mailing a survey by the end of the month of October. The survey would gather responses regarding these and other matters.

Amongst other topics discussed were the process of Event Proposal Forms (EPFs), UNM Cash Cards, the parking system and the suggestion of additional seating in the cafeteria.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30 PM.

Written by Ivan Shahran

Photos by Daniel Chen

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