43rd Ordinary Student Council Meeting feat. Q&A with SA Execs

The 43rd Ordinary Student Council Meeting was held on the 21st November 2019 from 7pm to 9pm. 

Elections Committee

The meeting began by the election of the last member for the elections committee. There was two candidates, namely, Elaine Naiken and Omar Samy. Following the short speeches of both parties, the members of the council voted. As a result, Omar Samy was elected as the Head of Marketing for the Elections Committee.

Motion Changes

Many of the motion changes proposed on the night related to changing job descriptions of different positions of the council. For example, the changes made to the portfolio of the position of Vice Presidency removed roles such as being the main person to deal with the Ministry of Education and clarifying some points, such as appointing a deputy head for the Marketing & Communications Network. Furthermore, there was a motion presented by the head of FoSE, Maria Mahbub, to add representatives for the school of mathematical sciences. Likewise, she presented a motion to make minor changes in the names of courses such as for the division of applied psychology.

Q&A Session

The main theme of the night? Closing food stalls and the SA Ball. It is to everyone’s surprise that Sonder, Malay stall, Thai stall, and DapurMas closing so suddenly and all within less than a year. Many are concerned over potential closing of other favourite stalls. But fret not, the SA Execs have assured that the university has contacted potential vendors, and this time they are more mindful of who they are accepting to avoid the same problems from arising. Home Students’ Officer Mustafa Zoher stated that this may take some time and that students should refrain from listening to rumours being spread around this issue.

The annual dinner, SA Ball, was removed earlier from the constitution by the Activities Officer, Divya Sankar . This is due to the declining interest amongst students, the increasing cost of the event and disinterestedness expressed by management. Instead, Divya has proposed a similar but smaller scale event for a significantly lower price that will attract more students to attend.

The Q&A session also addresses concerns regarding vehicles on campus. Security has been tightened with regards to the vehicles coming in and out of campus and security guards are required to make more frequent rounds during the night. 

As the SA Execs answered all the questions, the session ended and as per tradition, pizza was served.

Article Written by: Elisa Fatini

"They say that great minds think alike, but also fools seldom differ"

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