5 Michael Scott Quotes to Help you Get Through Uni Life

If compared to current standards, the comedy series The Office might not get a high rating as one of the best offices to work in. It might even get categorised as the most plain boring and dull-looking office ever. Yet, it would still be the office — the dream workplace for many of us because, at the end of the day, it is the people around you who matter. Or the fact that, as we learned, being there is obviously better than being in a prison.

Midterms are coming up and with all the assignments to do, practices and meetings to attend, events to organise (if they’re not cancelled already) and even all the other (unforeseen) additional workload, I’d like to invite you to read through my favourite sit-com series. It is always relatable for everyone, including us as students. How so, you ask? Well, let’s dive in.

#1 When you dread coming to that event you’ve signed up for without prior thinking

If you are someone who is always active and cannot stand not doing anything, chances are you have a lot of memberships in various clubs or that you almost always sign up for every upcoming event.

Or even if, on the contrary, you are not someone who does a lot of things, sometimes those feelings come and convince you to pushing yourself to experience more things.

In all cases, there is always a point in your life when you regret signing up for something because you didn’t foresee the time and energy that it — plus all the other things — would cost you.

Yet, another problem arises: you have to invent an empathy-inducing excuse for not being able to show up. Well, guess what? You are not alone and you are right to prioritise yourself and your well-being. Moreover, you can always go something along the lines of what the World’s Best Boss says:

I would not miss it for the world. But if something else came up, I would definitely not go.

(Source: NBC)

Hmm, I wonder if this also applies to that class you hate the most?

#2 When… when you just can’t cope with group discussions or meetings

OK, too many different words from coming at me from to many different sentences.

Yeah, seminar group discussions are a must. Yes, group meetings are necessary. Yea, being loud, heard, smart, resourceful is cool, sure. But sometimes, you know, sometimes it be like that. The thoughts in your head simply don’t materialise. They rebel against you and they just won’t form anything.

However, you still need to contribute; and hopefully your teammates would appreciate your little contribution. A little contribution is better than not contributing at all, anyway.

Go make that contribution.
(Source: NBC)

#3 When your friends ask you for advice and you’re pressured to be That Wise Friend

Don’t ever, for any reason, do anything for anyone, for any reason, ever, no matter what. No matter where. Or who, or who you are with, or where you are going or… where you’ve been… ever. For any reason, whatsoever.

Well, some things you gotta do it for yourself, I guess. Remember, putting yourself first is not a selfish act!

To be placed next to your problem-solving, analytical thinking skill set on your CV.
(Source: NBC)

P.S. this sounds more like the beginning of a potential self-reflection essay.

#4 When you accidentally quoted a Wikipedia source in your essay

We all know what the general rules of essay-writing are: NO Wikipedia, no informal writing, no non-sense… Yet, after spending some time reassuring yourself that Wikipedia is a no-no, how many times have we admitted that it is, indeed, useful and handy to get the quickest information about anything that we need to know? Yeah, perhaps it’s time we follow Michael Scott’s example and his appreciation for it. (Our lecturers would disagree, though.)

Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject. So you know you are getting the best possible information.

The closest to paperwork Michael’s ever been.
(Source: NBC)

#5 When you just can’t take it no’ mo’

Forced to do something you don’t want to do, forced to see someone you don’t want to, forced to spend time with your frenemies… we’ve all been there.

That face sums it all.
(Source: NBC)

I am running away from my responsibilities. And it feels good.

Yet, running away from anything never brings any good! So, do your assignments, make those phone calls, face that person you’ve been wanting to see, face all your problems… but don’t forget to bring with you the fun in you! 😉

Does doing assignments hurt your eyes or your feelings more?
(Source: NBC)
Your eyes, I guess.
(Source: NBC)

One might as well wish to run away from the responsibility of writing the concluding paragraph of this article. So, without further ado, adieu!

Written by Lilian Angelia

Cover photo credits: NBC

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