9th Nations Cup: Let The Games Commence!

The 2019 Nations Cup is finally here!

It had started with a heavy drizzle that brought all the fun into the indoor sports complex. While the organizing committee was bringing everything inside, students from all nations stood together to cheer for their respective countries. The atmosphere of the indoor sports complex was filled with excitement, adrenaline and hundreds of excited students roaring, marking the start of the 9th Nations Cup. 

What is the Nations Cup?

Nations Cup is UNM’s largest annual international sports event that urges students from all nations on campus to compete for their country in 22 different sports and 52 various categories, promoting diversity and building healthy sportsmanship amongst UNM students. It is scheduled to start on the 31st of October 2019 and will run throughout up until the 20th of November 2019.

The Spectacular Performances.

The DJs started off with playing upbeat songs that got the students hyped up for the performances. Aaisha Zuhair, the SA Sports Officer started off with her welcoming speech, wishing each country the best of luck. As soon as the students had been grouped up according to their countries, the SA Activities Officer, Divya Sankar, took the role of being the emcee. She started by asking the crowd to shout as loud as they could for the countries that they were representing. The crowd also played an interactive game of guessing which country a random person in the crowd was from. It was fun and got everyone into the spirit of supporting their respective countries in unity. Once the energy of the crowd was at its peak, the performances rolled in. 

Like watching the Olympics opening, the first performance was astounding! A representative from each sport showcased a 2-second play of their sport. The whole crowd was amazed by the performance as was shown by their immense support and vibrant cheers. After that, the main show came to play when student representatives from each country came together to dance to Shakira’s ‘Waka Waka’ along with their country flags, bringing back major World Cup vibes. Those student representatives also held up their respective flags in the air after their dance performance while a majestic tune played in the background. It was almost as if the meaning of the song was to showcase each country flag proudly to represent each country. It was a beautiful sight where students from all nations were shouting in joy for their countries with such patriotism.

Nations Cup Parade & Passing of the Torch

The end of rain brought the crowd to the outdoor field where the Nations Parade commenced. For the march, athletes and supporters of participating countries marched around the field while holding their flags up high with pride. The march started with the SA executives, followed by the winner of the last nations cup, runner up and second runner up. Once all the countries had finished marching, one by one, each country said a cheer for their country while taking turns.

Lastly, the passing of the torch ceremony was done at the corner of the field. After the Oath made by the previous nations cup winner, the torch passing ritual took place where the torch was passed around the top three winners from the previous year. As there was no microphone available on the field, it was hard to understand what was happening. However, with the intense support from the crowd constantly cheering on for their countries, everything went smoothly.

Now, the games shall commence and may the best country wins!

Written by Asha Ganesh

Photos by Katyayni Ganesan

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