A Malaysia to UK Double Transfer: Ng Jun Lin

Ng Jun Lin, a 4th year mechanical engineering student here at the University of Nottingham Malaysia was on track to complete the final two years of his course and graduate in the UK campus when COVID-19 forced his plans to change. 

“I transferred to the UK at the start of my third year after finishing my first two years in Malaysia, however, COVID-19 made me decide to return to Malaysia in summer of 2019. I hoped to head back for my fourth year, but as things were not getting better and classes being online anyway, I eventually decided that retransfering back to Malaysia was the safer option.” 

Jun Lin mentioned that initially, many in UK treated the pandemic with little to no concern, but as clusters start appearing in the country, people started to realize that this pandemic was serious and began panic buying food. Soon classes were online but fortunately the UK campus was quite prepared in terms of their online teaching facilities. 

When asked about his future plans and if they’ve been affected, he says that he intends to work hard to complete his degree anyway. Reflecting on why he chose this field in the first place and what keeps him enjoying this course, Jun Lin says:

“I joined mechanical engineering because I initially enjoyed tinkering and doing DIY stuff, but soon I realized how challenging the course actually is and was initially unable to keep up. Fortunately, I enjoy robotics and programming, often using Arduino and MATLAB so I intend to venture into the field of automation when I graduate.”

With the economy deteriorating in the UK, finding a job as a foreign student would likely be challenging, so Jun Lin is staying optimistic that staying in Malaysia is still the best option for him.

Written and photographed by Shaun Yeoh Kuo Chien