An All-Rounder

Ling Ling is one with many skills and talents. Upon graduating secondary school, she had some free time before entering college and started searching for a job to earn some income. Back then, being a tutor did not really cross her mind, she started off working as an event-based promotor, then proceeding as a retail sales assistant.

In early 2019, she started working as a part-time tuition teacher, teaching a class for about 5 months. Being one who constantly achieves academic excellence, she found that it would be a great opportunity for her to start tutoring students. Following her experience of tutoring a class, she then proceeded to go for one-on-one private tutoring around mid of 2019. Ever since then, she had been tutoring an SPM student for more than 2 years now and still ongoing.

 At the same time during mid-2019, she has taken up the role as a rhythmic gymnastics’ instructor as well. Being a former rhythmic gymnast, becoming a gymnastics instructor just came natural to her. Ling used to be a former cheerleader as well. However, after sustaining a serious knee injury, she decided to take time off vigorous activities that may relapse her injury. From time to time, she takes up modelling gigs as well. She’s been through 4 shoots so far and is looking forward for more. 

She’s always on the hunt for more opportunities and at the same time is working hard in pursuing her undergraduate degree in accountancy. Although she does experience the fear of unknown that comes with each new experience, she still went for it. Her experiences thus far have brought her great joy and developed her into the person she is today.

Written and photographed by Trina Tan Yi-Ching