Stage Vs. Screen: Which one is better?

Are live action adaptions just as impactful as stage performances?

The intricate intimacy felt when watching a play is a memorable feeling that resonates with you and never ceases to exist. Until now, I still remember the very first musical I ever watched – Lion King – and how it left me feeling mesmerized and inspired for days on end. The vitality of the actors, the harmony of their actions, and the flawed perfection in their humanity caused the impact of the play on the audience to last forever

But, can live action adaptions measure up to the grandeur of stage performances?

In the past few years, Disney has been bombarding the film industry with live action adaptions. Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and Lion King and many more others. All of those adaptions have one thing in common; they revive the element of innocence and carefree happiness in adults. Adults or millennials look forward to those adaptions because they want to relive and feel the same emotions those movies made them feel as kids. Hence, Disney can ensure that their tickets will be effortlessly sold.

But does that mean those adaptions are actually good? Do they come close to the original movie or can they compare to the stage performance? Can they replicate the same feelings that they made us feel when we were young?

The answer is yes but also no.

Although Disney tries its best at keeping the authenticity of the original movie by using actors of the same ethnicity, and imitating the setting, there is a sense that something is missing, something is off. However, there is a key building block in every animated movie that Disney cannot ruin.

The songs.

Once the actor on the screen begins to sing that specific song, everyone in the audience rejoices and sings along with them. Memories of their young tranquil selves comes crashing down and it feels like they’re back again in their parents’ house watching T.V in their pajamas under the covers. Therefore, I believe that the live action adaption movies can sometimes measure up to stage performances because of the emotions that emerge from the audience. 

But what do you think? Does your heart lean more towards stage performances and the intimacy that comes along with it? Or does it lean towards the live action adaption movies that aim to wake up a feeling in you that you thought was long gone?

Written by Sara Mostafa

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