The annual IGNITE awards was introduced during the 2015-16 academic year to recognize exemplary contributions from IGNITE’s writers, editors and photographers.

Here are the nominees and winners for 2017/18:


Best New Photographer Award

Nominated: Anne Marie; Kirushangiri Jaya Kumar

Winner: Anne Marie 


Best New Writer Award

Nominated: Aneeqah Macan Markar; Ed Yong Zhien Bao; Fathima Shamra Mohamed Rifai; Loshni Nair 

Winner: Aneeqah Macan Markar


Section Head of the Year Award

Nominated: Kuan Meng Xian (Head Photographer); Jane-Menn Cheong (Style Editor); Fathima Zahra Nashath (Opinion Editor); Neda binti Nejim Al-Asedi (Performing Arts Editor); Joann Chua Rou En (Food Editor)

Winner:  Kuan Meng Xian (Head Photographer)


Writer of the Year Award

Nominated: Saran Anandan; Jane-Menn Cheong; Sophie Byfield; Tyler Lai Zong You

Winner: Jane-Menn Cheong


Photographer of the Year Award

Nominated: Kuan Meng Xian; Malik Hisyam Zaihan

Winner: Kuan Meng Xian


Best Photograph Award

Nominated: Joann Chua Rou En (One Act Play Festival 2018 night 1);

Malik Hisyam Zaihan  (IFC games) and (Levi’s Live Summer Tour);

Lee Zan Hui (UNMC Chinese Orchestra’s “Loud or Never”);

Kuan Meng Xian (Nations Cup 2017: Pool)

Winner: Joann Chua Rou En (One Act Play Festival 2018 night 1)


SMLC Award for Article of the Year

Nominated: Fathima Shamra Mohamed Rifai (Where Do We Draw This Line? My Experience At DIW);

Samawiyah Ulde (Why ‘Instagram Poetry’ Is Not Poetry: Part 1);

Aishwarya Adaikalaraj (All That Glitters is Not Gold: The Homegrown Lustre of Leon Sapphire);

Lee Jae Hoon & Saran Anandan (SNS and the Fair Usage Policy: Preparing Over The Cracks?);

Lhavanya Dharmalingam (UNMC and Sexual Harassment), (Watch you Watts!) & (TN50: Do Big Ideas Work in Malaysia);

Lee Sheen Yee (Sexual Harassment & the Culture of Misogyny on Campus: The Introduction)

Winner: Lhavanya Dharmalingam (UNMC and Sexual Harassment)


Thank you for being a part of IGNITE 6.0!

Keep on being amazing!