Being Me @ UNMC: A Bad Diabetic

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Being Me @ UNMC: A Bad Diabetic

I was diagnosed with Diabetes right before I came to Malaysia.

At that point I felt my whole world was coming to an end. Being the sweet tooth I am, this meant SACRIFICE – something that I was not ready for at all. But then I thought of the brighter side, that I was coming to Malaysia, so maybe life wouldn’t be that hard. Oh, I was so wrong!!
The first thing I looked for was sugar-free food. After two days, I realized that the life of a diabetic, whether back home or in Malaysia, is just as sad. It was pure torture seeing people my age having all the joys of life, whilst I sat there with a bucket full of miseries.

Despite the initial difficulties, I eventually managed to mould a new lifestyle for myself. In the end, it all becomes an issue of survival. I realized that a healthier diet was going to be the only way I could make things work out. I needed to cut down my calorie intake, to ensure that I would lose weight. It sounds like an easy enough decision, but it can be one the hardest things to begin, and stick to! Every time I see Secret Recipe it just reminds me of a bad break up.

Although there are drawbacks of being a Diabetic in UNMC, there are plenty of systems that help me cope with my condition. The Disability Office, for instance, have been a great support. They stock up the medicines that a diabetic may need, check up on diabetics, and try to help you lead as much of a normal lifestyle as possible. But the best part is this: once you get registered at the Disability Office, your academic life will be on a roll! With luck, you can have extended deadlines, extra exam time etc. I guess, at the end of it all, there are both ups and down of being a diabetic. You just have to take the right decisions, stick to them, and march your way through life.

Atoshi Rahman

My quest for knowledge is a never-ending exciting journey.

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