Beyond Words: Spoken Word Night 2018

On 18th March 2018, the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus witnessed the first ever Literature & Drama Society Spoken Word Night. The night consisted of an array of brave performers, who stripped themselves bare in the name of performing arts, as they expressed their thoughts and emotions through spoken word poetry (those unfamiliar to Spoken Word Poetry, check out our previous post for a short crash course).

Despite my excitement for the night, I was still skeptical of how the event may turn out, as I was expecting for only a collection of love poems to be read out. Fortunately, to my surprise, not only were there love poems, but there were poems on loneliness, parents, animals and even socks and sandals! I felt extremely humbled to have the opportunity to listen to every performer standing on the stage, as well as witnessing the amount of talent that was oozing from each and every one them. Furthermore, the Spoken Word Poetry event also featured current and former lectures of the university, which made the night even more special as there was a sense of the UNMC community supporting one another, all within our very own alumni-owned-and-run Sonder Cafe.

However, although I appreciated the fact that Sonder Cafe was chosen as the venue for the event, the insufficient aircon and ventilation made it uncomfortable for most of the audience. Especially since there were many more attendees than expected packed into the cafe, the heat was noticable. Nevertheless, I understand that this is not the fault of the organisers and the cafe, since it is something beyond anyone’s control. Instead, we can use this experience to prepare for future Spoken Word Poetry events that may be held elsewhere or in Sonder again.

Overall, for a first time event, I felt that the Spoken Word Poetry night was a success. It was definitely an experience to be able to listen and share the performers’ thoughts and emotions, especially knowing that they mustered up their courage to convey their stories and truth to us. Congratulations and thank you to all the performers! Keep on writing and never let your pen leave the paper.

To many more nights like this in the future within the UNMC Community.


To watch the full performances from all the poets, watch this playlist on LADS’ YouTube channel. 

By Hamidah Rahman, photos courtesy of LADS

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