#BlackLivesMatter: What We Can Do

The world was yet again shook by the death of another African-American citizen, George Floyd, who was killed by the hands of police. The video that has been circulating reflects police brutality phenomenon that is ubiquitous in America against non-white Americans. It wasn’t the first, but it definitely won’t be the last. However, we hope that it will be. 

This time, the group that has been affected the most – African-Americans – chose to not stay silent. They chose to speak up and fight against the injustice, systemic racism and oppression, the discrimination and fear that they have to experience daily. 

And, we will be on their sides. We will be the safe space where those people are able to breathe properly without constantly feeling scared. We will be that space where they can project their voice to speak out about what is wrong with this world. 

The wrongful death of George Floyd has sparked a movement (#BlackLivesMatter) among many Americans and a social media movement throughout the world. Citizens of different countries are coming together at the mention of George Floyd as they shed the light on other cases of wrongful deaths of African-Americans:

  1. Ahmaud Arbery 
  2. Breonna Taylor
  3. Tony McDade

And, the list goes on. Stories and experiences are being shared to create awareness. 

This article will serve as an urgence to reaction for the #BlackLivesMatter movement and IGNITE will stand together with those who are fighting for justice to stop every form of racism and advocating for legislative changes to end police brutality in America. IGNITE will be using our platform to provide support and information on what people can do to help in this current situation–from donating and signing petitions to joining peaceful protests in places that are organising one. 

Petitions to sign: 


Other actions that you should do:

  1. Educate yourself and read up on what it means to be anti-racist;
    1. White Fragility – Robin DiAngelo
    2. Me and White Supremacy – Layla F. Saad
    3. Women, Race, & Class – Angela Y. Davis
    4. So You Want to Talk About Race – Ijeoma Oluo
    5. The New Jim Crow – Michelle Alexander
    6. Six Ways Asian-Americans Can Tackle Anti-Blackness in Their Families – Kim Tran
  2. Screenshot, share, and repost resources to educate those around you;
  3. Don’t centre the narrative around you. Identify privilege and condemn it;
  4. Stop supporting organisations that promote hate;
  5. Support, listen, read and watch African-Americans authors, musicians, filmmakers, etc that have been taken advantage by white Americans in the entertainment industry;
  6. Be an ally and advocate after the outrage ends. 

There are more links to petitions to be signed and donations to be funded: 

  1. More Ways to Help
  2. More Ways to Help (Google Doc)

The fight will not end until we are able to see significant changes. It will not end until they all receive justice. It will not end until we are all able to walk together without one group having to live in fear simply for existing. 

It starts with us – make sure to always keep updated on the current situation and constantly educating yourself and others on how to actively be anti-racist and take actions when necessary. 


Written by Ungku ‘Arifin and Reshetha Raj