The Social Entrepreneurship Week

From Monday the 2nd to Saturday the 7th of March, Enactus University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM) has organised a week of events around social entrepreneurship. As part of the vision of the non-profit organisation present in 37 countries, the initiative sought to nurture in the youth a desire to make an impact in the world in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A range of activities was thus designed by a team of committed students, thrilled to share their passion as game changers in these fast-evolving times.

The first activity of the week – To the Right Bin Challenge

The Social Entrepreneurship Week kickstarted with the ‘To the Right Bin Challenge’ which taught participants the importance of SDG12 centred on Responsible Consumption and Reproduction. Recycling may seem a big and scary word often used in the media and pinpointed by experts as one of the fundamental actions needed to protect the environment. But there may not be, in essence, anything extraordinary about recycling; in fact, it starts with the simplest of actions- following the indications written on bins and throwing your waste adequately. 

Notice board advertising the Marketing Stunt.

On the second and fifth days, a Marketing Stunt under the theme ‘Unlock’ was held with quotes attached and displayed in the SA circle to inform passers-by and members of the UNM community. This was complemented by two Market Days on Wednesday and Thursday that saw the participation of 8 companies, each emphasising the need to think of economic growth in relation to its wider social and environmental consequences.

Crowds gathering on Market Day

This week of activities culminated with the ‘Unlock [Your Journey to Social Entrepreneurship] Flagship event on Saturday. Speakers from renowned corporations and students from 10 universities across Malaysia were invited to compete and find practical and effective solutions to issues ranging from education, access to equal opportunity, food systems, among others. Participants were encouraged and pushed to think on their feet and formulate ideas as would real business people and entrepreneurs. Based on the feedback received, all those who attended and were interested in taking such a career path were not disappointed and some who may have joined out of curiosity were able to learn more about what it takes to work in the field.

This week-long event aimed to instill among the youth an entrepreneurial spirit and equip them with the skills needed to start a business. The wide exposure received from a variety of organisations certainly proved beneficial to students charting their career path during their time at university. And who knows, the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg might be among them!

To find out more about Enactus UNM, you can check their website on the following link: https://www.enactusunmc.com/ 

Written by Bénédicte Anthony
Photos by Enactus

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