Carbon Neutrality: The Way Forward

From heatwaves in Australia, to unexpected snowfall in Southern California, the impacts of global warming are being felt more than ever, yet the gap between carbon reduction targets demanded by scientists to avert catastrophe and actions taken so far is only widening.

An approach that has been widely adopted by businesses and local administrations to curb their environmental impacts is through carbon neutrality. This begins with reduction. Simple efforts such as generating less waste and using more renewable energy helps offset the emissions already released. This move can ultimately contribute to reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions and achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

Who’s doing it?

Corporations from the banking industry, the livestock industry and even gaming developers are now beginning to identify with carbon neutral terms. So why is carbon neutrality so important to the industry? Research has shown that consumers are now more environmentally conscious and corporations recognize that investments in going green is vital to keep their stakeholders happy. For organisations who understand the triple-bottom line (social, environmental and financial) impact of greenhouse gas emissions, that’s reason enough to work towards reducing their carbon output.

Companies who are carbon neutral

In 2019, 60 world leaders convened for the UN Climate Change Summit and signaled their intent to achieve net zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. This move is seen as a vital goal in preventing the catastrophic longer-term climate change.

Even the British group Coldplay has recently pledged to the movement by releasing a carbon neutral album and ensuring their tours are environmentally friendly. Billie Eilish has also pledged to place “eco-villages” in all her future tour venues where fans can learn about their role in climate change.

The basics of a carbon footprint

As individuals, we should take account of all our personal carbon emissions and make continuous efforts to reduce them ourselves. There are various ways to reduce your carbon footprint which includes reducing our meat consumption, taking more public transportations, and of course the 3 major R’s reduce, reuse and recycle! For those beginning this journey, there is an online carbon footprint calculator which can kick start your carbon neutral lifestyle.