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Ever spend hours and hours scrolling through your instagram feed? Searching for the right fashion enthusiast to reflect on your own taste in fashion and style? I personally love the guilty pleasure of indulging on what I’d like to call, an Instagram ‘binge’. Stalking and virtually engaging in an influencers lifestyle is definitely not a new thing to us living in 2019. Be it the lux in their closets, the extra-ness from head to toe or the minimalistic everyday looks, I definitely love a great fashion inspo! So why not share a few of my ULTIMATE favourite stylish influencers on Instagram. Let’s dig in and feast ourselves on some 21st century fashion queens. Here are some stylish Influencers you have got to check out!

1. Valeria Lipovetsky – @valerialipovetsky

Source : @valerialipovetsky

Call me biased, but Valeria will always be number one on my list when it comes to the Insta-famous. As a luxurious yet humble wife, mother, model and nutritionist, Val has definitely satisfied her fashion career and the intrinsic values of a family-orientated lifestyle. If you’re like me and you aspire to develop a classy and chic sense of style, you’ll love her!

Unlike the common millennial instagramers that show a little more skin, Valeria is one of the few that accentuates in sexiness without booty shorts or bralettes. Her outfit choices range from bright suits for a formal pop of colour to flowy dresses for comfy vacation vibes. Don’t get me wrong, a show of skin is artistic and expressionate, it all depends on what you like. But as some would say, classy is the new sexy!

Source : @valerialipovetsky

Oh! And if you love learning to style off of ig TV, definitely check out her videos, cause trust me! They are adorably inspiring to develop your next bomb-dot-com outfit.

2. Noemi Demeter – @noemidemeter

Source : @noemidemeter

To my girls out there who are car enthusiasts and fashion enthusiasts AT THE SAME TIME, Noemi will blow your mind away! Nothing is more stylish than a seductive luxury car paired with a beauty straight out of a magazine wardrobe. Lambo’s and Bimmers, right down to the Benz, her feed portrays creative photography that features both her and her jaw dropping outfits against luxury vehicles. Most of her pictures are captured ever so beautifully by her boyfriend Zed, also a car enthusiast who deals with stylish luxury performing car rims.

My favourite pictures on her account, is her gracefully sitting on a bed of snow right next to a BMW X5 with a tiara on her head and a dress fit for a princess! From casual to straight up 21st century princess glam, Zed has definitely got a girl who can do both.

Source : @noemidemeter

Living in Romania, it gets snowy, and when it’s snowy, Noemi has definitely got a treat for us. Nothing beats her winter pictures. Honestly, anything or anyone looks extra elegant posing in the snow, be it in a snug parka, or as Noemi would do, a dress in the freezing weather, #Doitforthegram.

4. Tara Milk Tea – @ taramilktea

Source : @taramilktea

Ofcourse the definition of style can fall into a million perspectives and is definitely opinion orientated. Well, in my opinion, style is all around! It’s whether we want to view it or not, and in which context we’d like to observe it. Tara’s feed engages in style through a geographical based perspective, combining her minimalistic yet stylish sense of dressing and bright hair colours to complement her shooting location. That my friends, is creativity at it’s best!

Source : @taramilktea

I myself can’t exactly describe how her photos are, but if I had to give it one word, it would be BEAUTIFUL. Sometimes style meets beyond the cuts of fabric that lay on our bodies, beyond the Michael Kors that hangs on your shoulder. And Tara has definitely gone beyond the basic misconception of style and the nature of style. From matching a simple bright co-ord with citrus fruits, to a blue dress by a crystal blue lake contrasted by auburn hair, Tara has definitely nailed the art of coordinating style and location!

5. Marion Caunter – @marioncaunter

Source : @marioncaunter

Marion is no new associate to the world of instagram here in Malaysia! That’s right, she’s right here in our home and she is definitely one of my favourites when it comes to local influencers. If you love the world of luxury and high-end fashion you will drown in awe after catching a glimpse of her outfits, purses and shoes. It’s all, brands, brands, brands, BRANDS! Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, you name it, its probably all spilling out of her closet!

Her dresses are often sourced from unique local and international designers that go beyond the status-quo of everyday fashion. This is directly signified in how classic yet ‘different’ Marion’s outfits are, and I must say, I simply LOVE IT! If there is anyone who can take high-fashion to everyday fashion, it’s Marion.

However, there is definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to Marion. Just like Valeria, she is a loving mother and the wife to SM Nasirudin, one of the sons of SM Nasimuddin, the CEO of Naza. You might have a clue as to how her and the family’s fancy lifestyle has come to play. Nonetheless, I adore their family vacations, in which Marion often styles herself and her daughters in matching outfits followed by her son and husband in their own combos. Nothing beats a power packed fashionista family!

Source : @marioncaunter

Takeaway for the day?

Like always, we always want to promote the view of an open mind at the style section! I hope you enjoyed my little picks for the day, you’ll thank me later *wink, wink*. None of the above were actually stylists! Nor were they full on members of the fashion industry. They just naturally vibe with the idea of style in their own concepts. For some it’s luxury fashion and there’s honestly nothing wrong with the crave for a touch of materialism. Cause hey? Quality and unique designs stand out from the crowd. Hmmm, and maybe it’s just me but I’d rather pull out some tissues for my issues from a Chanel classic purse.

For other style enthusiasts, their look may be driven by their other passions and elements within their life such as cars, family and location. All of this is what makes each and every one of them special. And honestly? It’s the same when it comes to us!

So enjoy your insta stalking adventures today, and we will see you soon.

Till next time, feel free to browse through our other articles, for more stylish inspiration!

Take care, and keep slaying!

Written by Nadine MS, Style Section Editor.

Photos sourced from Instagram.

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