The Cine-club Español: More than Guacamole

You might have noticed quite a bit of culture in UNMC lately with events like the German Bistro, Cafe Francophone (French conversation over coffee) and the Spanish Film Group. Not to sound like a travel brochure but it is a good opportunity for all UNMC students to learn a bit more about the cultures in which these languages came from.
The Spanish Film Group, headed by the School of Modern Language and Culture’s Spanish tutor, Cristina Quintana, is a young endeavour. So far, we’ve travelled to Latin America and Spain with ‘Diarios de Mototcicleta’ by Walter Salles and ‘Volver’ by Pedro Almodóvar.

‘Diarios de Motocicleta’ or ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’ dramatizes the accounts of two young friends, Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara and Alberto Granado, who took a road trip on a haphazard motorcycle from Argentina to Venezuela. This 8,000 kilometre journey impacted the young Che Guevara, who sees the injustice and poverty of the indigenous people in Latin America. Alberto is not left out in this ‘self-awakening’ as he too finds his own path from this adventure. In this film alone, we get a glimpse of cultures across four Latin American countries as Walter Salles attempts to capture the everyday lives of the many peoples living in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Venezuela.

‘Volver’, on the other hand, tells the tale of a different kind of transformation, that is, of the family. With the eclectic style of Pedro Almodóvar, who is known for his portrayal of Spanish women in his films, we see relationships unravel, blossom and restored between the women of a broken Spanish family. I do not want to give any hints to this plot because I think it is told very well with little over-the-top drama that is usually associated with women and stories about family. The part that interested me personally was the portrayal of different idiosyncrasies from women in the Spanish village and the city. There is a distinct culture (from the women) within a culture (Spain) and it is evident through Almodóvar’s lens.

For next instalment of Spanish films, we will be welcoming Prof. Dr. Marisol García (Doctor in Spanish Philology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Masters in Linguistics from the University of Los Andes, Venezuela). She will be sharing on Venezuelan culture and two Venezuelan short films will be shown, one of which is ‘Adán y Eva’ (‘Adam and Eve’) by Laura Muñoz. It is the tale of a strange meeting between two old souls through; where one has forgotten how to live life and the other who has forgotten how to feel. I have only been given one of the film titles as the other will remain as a surprise!

Everyone is welcomed to these screenings. On the 4th of December, bring your popcorn and snacks over to F3A08 at 5pm.

Chi Leng

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