Despicable Monday

Have you heard? Pharrell Williams is back! Okay, that news probably isn’t that new, but aren’t you excited that Pharrell is back? I know I am.


To kick-start the new semester, it is time to turn those frowns upside-down and boogie along to Happy! Pharrell Williams’ Happy has hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, topping Katy Perry’s Dark Horse which has been at the top for four weeks.

Although Pharrell has not been in the limelight much until recently, he has always been doing his thing, writing, producing, collaborating with other artistes and performing with his own groups such as The Neptunes and N.E.R.D. This year, Pharrell has received much buzz after being featured in two mega hits, Robin Thicke’s infamous Blurred Lines and Daft Punk’s jazzy Get Lucky. Oh and who could forget that hat he wore to the 2014 GRAMMYs. That has most certainly got netizens buzzing all day.


Park ranger Pharrell isn’t afraid to flaunt his style

This light, groovy, bouncy tune is so infectious with its chirpy beats and simple catchy lyrics like “because I’m happy”. Maybe happiness is that simple. One cannot help but clap along when Pharrell beckons listeners to clap along. You just might drop whatever you are doing, snap your fingers and dance no matter how silly you look. Your happy-hormone levels will rise in no time.


He has uncovered the secret to happiness. Clue: it is really simple


In the music video, people are snapping their fingers, shaking what god gave them and dancing while walking down the street, even while at work (researchers have found that productivity levels increase when you are happy, so what are you waiting for? Get happy!). I wonder, would the world be a better place if people just started dancing down the street?

Look at him, he is just simply happy (well, you would be too if you were as successful as him). Smile!

Yes, it is Monday, but not all Mondays are blue. After a listen, you are guaranteed to feel like you are on top of the world and you can take anything that comes your way. Kapow! #MoveOnMonday


Hands in the air, don’t care, because I’m happy

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