Dubai: The City of Dreams

Studded with lights, flooded with people, pulsating with energy, Dubai, the city of my dreams, was where I spent summer last year. 

I can still feel myself wallowing in the luxury at the Emirates Palace, the waves hitting my feet, the sand being my seat and the salty sea breeze blowing against my skin.

I reminisce my splendid summer partying by the sea, dancing under the palms, waving goodbye to stress.

Living in Riyadh, my family and I decided to travel by car to Dubai. It was a fun but tedious nine-hour road trip.

As we arrived, we checked into our hotel and slept like logs that night, eager to enjoy the exhilarating activities in store for us the next day.

After breakfast, we hit one of the most well-known beaches in Dubai, Palm Jumeirah.

With the sand between my toes and myriads of palms and fresh coconut water to keep me refreshed under the scorching sun, I felt happy as a clam.

In the wheel of dusk, we enjoyed a yacht ride and marveled at the red-orange sunsets illuminating the sea.

The sky was painted in magnificent hues of crimson, fiery orange and tangerine.

After a blissful ride, we headed over to Bollywood Parks Dubai, a stunning theme park styled in a Bollywood fashion.

The rides were thrilling and reminded me of action scenes portrayed in some Bollywood movies. The whole experience was surreal and after a long and fun-filled day, we devoured the most delectable cakes at The Cheesecake Factory.

I ordered a scrumptious Godiva chocolate cake for myself that awoke my inner sweet-tooth fairy. It was heavenly!

The following day, we left for Abu Dhabi, the bustling capital of Dubai. The main drawcard was our accommodation’s picturesque view of the sea and lush greenery from my hotel room of Las Islands.

The serenity of the sight along with the zephyr invigorated my soul each morning of my stay here.

While in Abu Dhabi, we visited the largest, most stunning mosque in the country, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

The domes, prayer halls and reflective pools were iconic and the interior design was absolutely magnificent, with intricate architecture, handmade carpets and the world’s largest chandelier.

We engaged gracefully in prayer, and left this magnificent grand mosque.

The next day, we got to wallow in the luxury of the Emirates Palace. It was an absolute honor and dream to have relished a night in the King’s Suite at the palace.

From Swarovski crystal chandeliers to bona fide gold cutlery, crystal glasses and 22-carat gold domes, it was a taste of absolute royalty and extravaganza.

We also went on a shopping spree at the Mall of the Emirates, home to Ski Dubai, an indoor ski resort with a temperature of -1 degree celsius.

Spending time here brought out my inner child, and it was indeed fun to be out in a world full of snow and ice.

That marked the end of my splendid summer in Dubai with the family. From the daily grind of visiting places to ample time to joyously unwind, I had the best vacation here in the city of dreams, the city that set my heart ablaze!

By Shaira Hareez

big boy with bigger dreams / a fan of the world and everything caramel

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