Dollars for Dumbbells Charity Event

SEMENYIH: The Fitness Club, in collaboration with ACE Society under the Bricks By Bricks Project (BBB), organised Dollars for Dumbbells in efforts to help rebuild and maintain orphanages at the Lotus Malaysia Charity Care Association. Unfortunately, these orphanages burned down not too long ago. The organisers of this project were Natasha Marie Francis from the Fitness Club, and Ding Teckkeat from the ACE Society.

The charity event started at 12.30 pm on the 22nd of February. Met by a crowd gathered at the SA Circle, it was clear that many were eager to watch the display of strength by the participants. Things got heated as the charity event kick started.


The committee of the ‘Dollars for Dumbells’ event. 


The participation process.

In order to take part, participants had to be nominated. Then, they were required to set a target for the amount of money raised. Upon success, the nominees would need to execute the workout in public.

However, participants needed to undergo a physical check-up and attend a try-out session prior to the event. This was to ensure their physical capabilities were up for the task at hand. Spotters and first aiders were also present throughout the event.

There were two divisions of workouts: weights and calisthenics. Weights workouts included bench-press, squat and deadlift. Push up, static squat and plank were under calisthenics.


Highlights and girl power.

Some highlights of the event were when the SA President, Linur Chubaev himself, did 50 pushups. Male participant Izran Julainie also made an impression when he wore a dress while doing his challenge, all in the name of charity.


Izran Julainie wearing a dress while doing his challenge.

IMG_0880 (1)

SA President, Linur Chubaev himself, attempting 50 pushups. Photo provided by UNMC Fitness Club.

The ladies of UNMC have also proven themselves to be iron women. One of the female participants, Victoria Cheng Chia Ern, an alumnus and former president of the Fitness Club, succeeded in reaching her target of RM100. She had smoothly executed her workout, which included plank, deadlift, and static squats. In fact, the initial idea behind this event originated from Cheng herself. However,  she ran out of time to execute it during her reign as president. Khairul Anuar Jamaludin, the current president of the Fitness Club, said that

“Victoria is like the mother of this event.”


IMG_7166A participant getting ready for her challenge.

As each nominee did his or her challenge, the crowd remained very supportive with their cheers. Ilman Faiz, the Vice President of ACE Society, said,

“We wanted this to be a prime event where everyone gets to see, support their friends, and have fun.”

All in all, the event committee was satisfied with the turn-out and have successfully collected enough funds. The proceeds would be channelled to the Lotus Charity Care Center, while the participants have shown that by raising dumbbells, you can raise awareness for great causes too.


Written by Lee Sheen Yee.

Photographs by Malik Hisyam

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