Flights of Fancy – Insights to Travel in Style

The holiday season is right around the corner. For several of us, this means either travelling back home, or spending those three weeks to do some jet-setting! (I’m looking at you, exchange students) Whatever the case, the style section of Ignite has a few tips on what to wear when flying, so you can travel in style!

To be quite honest, my mum gives me a lot of flak for dressing up for a long-haul flight, when a lot of people tend to wear joggers, trainers, and a simple tee. She, on the one hand, is an avid supporter of the “athleisure” look (think Lululemon leggings, Nike Cortez, with a Cotton On Body top). Meanwhile, I typically wear skinny jeans, chelsea boots, and (oftentimes) my favourite jumper from H&M. 

By no means am I putting anyone down by their choice of clothes when they travel or for their everyday lives. If anything, I applaud people for choosing comfort over style. At the end of the day, getting on a 10+ hour flight isn’t the most comfortable way to start a holiday, what more end a holiday! But from my perspective, my style is my identity. Plus, for someone who has grown up with the travel bug, going to the airport is probably the most exciting part of my trip. Walking up to that airport and looking my best, gives me an indescribable sense of confidence, unmatched in any other situation. 

Let’s Dive In!

With that long introduction aside, let’s get to the point. Generally, I tend to dress according to my destination and its climate. The weather app is going to be your best friend in these situations. It’s best to see the predicted weather upon your arrival. You don’t want to arrive in Bali dressed for the beach, only to receive a huge surprise during this dreadful monsoon season!

Since I can really only give advice for what men should wear, I consulted one of my frequent flier friends, Khushboo Kala, who will will spark a little more insight as to what women should wear. 

Miguel’s Airport look!

When travelling to a beachy destination like Bali, Phuket, or Boracay, I would wear my pink coloured Bermuda shorts from Topman, and any white top I can grab from my wardrobe. As for shoes, I would wear my white and green Adidas Stan Smith trainers, or dark blue moccasins from Mango. I should also note that I could never wear slippers on a plane, even if I’m flying to a beach, given that my germaphobe self would not be able to handle having to walk barefoot for 5 metres at security.  

Miguel’s Travel Look – Beach destination!

Meanwhile if I were to going on a city break and flying to a place like Singapore, Bangkok, or Tokyo, I would then wear my black carrot fit (best fit there is hands down, don’t @ me) jeans from Pull and Bear, accompanied with black suede chelsea boots from H&M, topped off with a plain white tee. I usually stuff my pink hoodie from Topman somewhere in my carry-on, should the flight be a bit chilly, or if the destination itself is cold. In the photo, I’m wearing the black carrot fit jeans, a striped blue and white tee from Jack Wills, the suede chelsea boots (not seen in the photo), a blue jacket from Zara, and a Red sox cap that I got when I visited Boston last year. 

Miguel’s Travel Look – City Destination!

Khushboo’s Travel Look

Now, for a little insight dedicated to our galz! Khushboo on the other hand, says that she does not dress according to the atmosphere of a destination she flies to, but instead focuses mainly on the general climate of a given location. For most places in Southeast Asia, beach, forest, or city, she usually would wear shorts, a tube top and a denim jacket, with flats. In the picture, both the shorts and denim jacket are from Topshop, tube top from Cotton On while her favourite flats to accompany it (not seen in the photo) are from Salvatore Ferragamo.

Khusboo’s Travel Look – Tropical Destination

Compare this to flying to areas with colder climates like Australia, Japan, or Europe during the winter where she dresses in high-waisted jeans, high cut boots, and a jumper. In the picture, her jeans are from Uniqlo, boots from River Island, jumper from Topshop, the belt is from Louis Vuitton, and her bag is from Tory Burch

Khusboo’s Travel Look – Winter Destination!

Time to Wrap It Up!

In conclusion, flying has brought many cultures closer together as many of us now have the ability to fly from one place to another at a lower cost than what it would have cost not too long ago. The same can be said about fashion as it bridges cultures together. It introduces new and fresher perspectives on different styles. Although cumbersome to many, dressing to impress when travelling does create an aura of sophistication as many of us generally wear our “best outfits” on holiday.

Moreover, wearing what makes us look good at the start (and end) of a holiday brings about a positive vibe to help us get into the excitement of travelling. Lastly, don’t feel shy to opt for comfort over anything, in the end of the day it’s about what makes us feel good, cause travelling is all about the excitement and the spirit to focus on experiencing new things!

If you’re planning your next trip, we wish you the best of luck in picking out the right outfits for you! Have fun!

Till next time, feel free to browse through our other write-ups at the style section!

Written by Miguel Peralta, Style Section Writer.

Photos sourced from Miguel Peralta & Khushboo Kala.

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