Flights of Fancy – Style Editor’s Travel Lookbook

Yes! I’m sure you’re wondering, with one indicative question in your head. Why are we having another write up on travel style? Well it’s all cause 2019 is close to an end, the holiday season is close, and honestly? Any concept of style can be an inspiration for your next look whether you’re taking a trip or not, in the near future. Not, going on a trip anytime soon? Who’s to say you can’t bring the trip to you, through your wardrobe?

I was blessed enough in 2019 to have an opportunity to go abroad during spring, exchanging to our UK campus. How convenient! An amazing location just a few hours away from all the ideal destinations in Europe. And as a plus size girl? It was definitely so much more easier to get outfits there that not only fitted well but were also flattering on my body, cause as I like to say, just cause it zips, doesn’t mean it fits. So yes, what better way to welcome the flowers of spring than to finally step out of my comfort zone, experiment with my style and hop on a few flights to flaunt what I’ve got. Now, for some Inspo! Here’s a simple travel lookbook of mine that I’ve been dying to share!

Look 1 : Happy Blues Are a Do!

Being the extra girl that I am, I ended up doing some online swiping before my trip to Santorini, Greece. Confession : I actually planned my outfit’s colour scheme and style accordingly to my site seeing activities. If that isn’t extra, I have no idea what is! Clearly, as seen by my attempt of an insta worthy picture, my blue dress was a close tone to the iconic blue domed churches of Oia, Santorini.

Despite growing into a more body positive individual throughout 2019, like everyone else I too have insecurities that continue to be an uphill climb. However, I’ve always been a true believer in the existence of solutions, and I’d like to think that I’m pretty good at improvising! When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right? Hence, insecure of revealing my arms, I draped and tied a loose fitting white shirt over my dress, and to think of it now? It added much more of an edge and twist to the whole outfit!

Blue Slit Dress from Shein

White Shirt from Primark

Super mini purse from Gucci

Look 2 : On the Dot, Polka Dot

Funny story! In this look, it was my first time wearing polka dots, and it was pretty interesting to try on a new print. A few years back, I used to be the ultimate plain Jane when it came to a sense of style. And don’t get me wrong! It wasn’t societal pressure or external forces that influenced my wardrobe transition. The truth is, I was always somewhat in love with fashion, I guess I just wasn’t confident enough due to the societal standards of what was “stylish”. But times change, we get stronger, our eyes open and we get up to try new things!

I loved this outfit as it had this odd mixture of a formal tinge with some fun and flirty, which was personally very pleasing to me. As you can see by now, something I enjoy doing and have grown to be comfortable of, is showing a little skin over a chosen area, not too much, but just enough to keep it casual and classic. But as we always encourage at the style section, wear what you’re confident and comfortable in! If you’re modest and would love a turtle neck and a flare maxi skirt, I say yes! If you’re into a touch of sexy with booty shorts and a crop top, guess what? I say yes too!

Inner cropped bandeau from Primark

Black Shirt from Primark

Polka dot wrap skirt from Shein

Outfit screw-up?

Fortunately for me, my complete fashion fail was not to be seen in the previous image. Truth is? I rushed out of the hotel loaded with cameras and tripods (yes, I was travelling solo and took my own pictures) and wasn’t bothered to notice that I wore flip flops with a perfectly styled outfit! Is the style editor a disgrace to the style section? Maybe she is…….but hey, lets just say some bits of my plain Jane past stuck to me like roots.

Look 3 : If you gon kill it, kill it in a suit.

What better way to take Paris than in a suit? Best of all, this wasn’t a typical lined and fitted office suit. The co-ord piece had a perfect loose flare to it that spoke comfort while giving an impression of effort. When in reality? I just bought two matching pieces that didn’t need further styling. It was comfy, edgy and my favourite, EXTRA.

I’d preferred to have rocked this with a pair of stilettos if I were on the way to a chilled dining and wining kind of night. But…….day time travel enthusiasts are pretty much taking on cities by feet to really dive into its beauty and history. Unless I want to claim my travel insurance for broken ankles, I think I’ll stay aware from the heels! Thus, I decided to keep it casual, and simmered it down to a day time look with my trusted pair of trainers. As for my purse, my Dionysus super mini, is my travel buddy for a subtly humble designer feel thats light and convenient for long hours out.

Two-piece suit from Primark

Trainers from Nike

Super mini purse from Gucci

Look 4 : Beaches be beachin

For the last look I’d like to serve, I thought I’d keep it more simple and laid back. Nothing is more laid back than a relaxing outfit for a day at the beach. If you’re not planning on taking a dip, a simple bandeau, shorts and even a kimono to top it off, is the outfit for you, especially if you’re not a bathing suit gal like myself. Heck was I tan, after hours laying on warm sand, under the Portugal sunlight. I guess the change of skintone topped of the beach look as a whole alongside my what used to be “seaweed” hair.

Cropped bandeau from Primark

Denim shorts from Primark

Kimono from Zalora

And that’s a wrap! I hope you guys had an enjoyable glimpse into either a similar taste in fashion that you could relate to, or a different approach to style that you could experience and picture! Whether you’re getting into that plane or not? Don’t stop at saving your bucket list of looks for your travels. If you’re feeling creative and extra? Every day could be a vacation in your own city!

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Written by Nadine MS, Style Section Editor.

Photos by Nadine MS.