Fresher’s Fever

Double Trouble

The beginning of the academic year is arguably the best time of your university life, with fresh faces exploring the campus and old ones returning from all parts of the world after a very long summer vacation, the air is buzzing with excitement.

Ever year, without fail, the Student Association (SA) Activities Committee and Officer go above and beyond to put together the Fresher’s Week. With each committee trying to outdo to the work of their predecessors, it’s no surprise that this year’s committee has doubled the fun.

The newly elected 2014-2015 SA Activities Officer, Afaq, is proud to present a two-tiered event: Pre Fresher’s and Fresher’s Week*. This bold decision to stray from the traditional one week format was not merely based on a whim but in fact a clear-cut strategy. “Pre Fresher’s is also a good way for us to market it [Fresher’s Week] to the entire student body”, claims the Afaq,  “we don’t want students to attend for the sake of attending, we really want people to attend because they are excited for it, we’ve even lowered the prices and are providing free early bird tickets to freshmen, its our way of making them [freshmen] feel special.”

A well thought out plan is a refreshing change of pace from the confusion of previous (albeit successful) freshers’ events. Another break from tradition is the lack of clubbing events, a complete change of pace from last year’s popular Jungle Hype pub crawls.

So What Should You Expect

Pre Fresher’s: Spanning over the course of 12 days and held at the SA circle,
the pre-freshers attempt to let both freshmen and old-timers to adjust to campus life and retain that buzz of excitement. The event kicks off with a Mini Carnival held from the 17th-19th, 11am to 5pm. Expect an array of fun activities and a lot of food. The SA society winner of last year’s award for Biggest Contribution to the Student Body, Enactus, will be holding the ever so popular E-bazaar. Feel free to indulge in some school spirit by purchasing merchandise from Nott A Shop.

Ticket sales for Fresher’s Week will be held during the 22nd- 25th September, official Freshers Week merchandise will also be sold. The biggest and most popular campus society- Music Society will be hosting an on campus concert. Enactus will return with their bazaar on the 23rd with different vendors. The one year old Cheerleading Club will be putting on a show on the 24th, the Gaming Society will be unveiling a new TV set and Play Station 3 whilst hosting an open for all students Selfie Challenge with gifts from Pre-Fresher sponsors for the winner. Nott A Shop will return on the 25th and the Nottingham Dance Crew have been to scheduled to perform.

Following tradition, the event begins with an Ice Breaking Night on campus on the 29th at F1A02 and F1A03 at 6pm. The following day, ticket holders will be escorted to Berjaya Times Square at 6.15pm to explore the Escape Room, barely a few months old, this recreational arena has become the talk of the town. 1st of October, the buses leave at 6.15pm to Sunway Pyramid for some laser-tag fun that Barney would highly approve. On the last day of Fresher’s Week, head back to the Amphitheatre at 6pm for some old school Scavenger Hunt then kick back and relax for some BBQ.

Let’s Talk About The Money

Obviously all this does not come free, but it does come cheap. True to his word, the SA Activities Officer has made Fresher’s cost effective. The price for returning students is only RM 20 and the price for new students is RM 15, even free for the first 100 new students, a shocking drop in price from the last two years (which ranged from RM 60-150).

The Activities team is off to a fantastic start with the help of last year’s UNMC Ball Chief Organiser: Mashael Almasry and the new Activities Officer, we wish team the best of luck.

Soumya Bhat

*Official Sponsors of Pre-Fresher’s and Freshers:





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