Freshers Week 2019: MyFest

After the successful Icebreaking Night, the Freshers Week continues on with MyFest on the first day of October. This year’s event was hosted by our very own student Muhamad Aqil. The night was filled with wonderful performances.

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Muhammad Aqil as the MC of the night.

24 Festive Drums

The festival was started off with the rhythmic drums by the Chinese cultural society. Shortly after, UNM Provost, Graham Kendall delivered a warm welcoming speech for the new students. As MyFest officially starts, the Chinese cultural society took the stage again and got the audience pumped and ready.

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The iconic UNM’s 24 Festive Drum Team performing.

Singing with Leah and Danish

After the upbeat performance of the drums, two students took over the stage and crooned the audience with some classic and old-school Malay songs- Pulang, Kau Ilhamku and Kantoi. The audience, mixed with local and international students, became one as they raised their lights to the songs.

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Leah and Danish on the stage singing and performing.

Classical Performances

The festival continued with the playing of the classical Indian musical instruments — sitar and tabla. The music brought a wave of awe to the audience as they listened closely.

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Performance of the sitar and tabla.

Lion Dance

The next performance brought joy to the audience as two lions walked into the Great Hall. Yes, you guessed it right; it was the lion dance. It could be all the luck the lions were brought, but the UNM students were very excited by the cute and funny act put up by the lions.

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Lucky lions playing on the stage.

Martial Arts by AMAC

The event then went on a more serious note when the members of the Association of Martial Arts (AMAC) conquered the stage and showed us different types of intriguing martial arts.

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Martial Arts showcase by AMAC.

The audience was then impressed by the act of silat, a type of martial arts, as the crew used swords during their performance.

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The silat performance ensemble.

The Orchestra Performance

Next, of course, what event would be complete without an orchestra right? The Chinese orchestra performed melodious pieces and received a loud round of applause from the audience for their magnificent performance.

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The Chinese orchestra and their magnificent piece.

Bharatanatyam Performance

The last act, classical Indian dance, Bharatanatyam, captivated the audience with their elegant moves and dance.

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Two dancers dancing Bharatanatyam.

Finally, MyFest then officially ended with a fashion show of Malaysia’s traditional outfits, consisting of Malay, Indian, Chinese, Iban and so on. It was certainly an enjoyable experience and a worthwhile lesson for the newcomers of UNM.

Written by Reshetha Raj.

Photography by Reshetha Raj.

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