Freshers Week 2019: The SA Carnival

The SA Carnival was organized to have the newcomers to get familiar with the university. It is also for them to socialise with their own peers. The event was set at the Sports Complex. A comfortable place to accommodate a large number of students. As well as host a few activities in one go due to its spacious nature.

Carnival Games

The attendees are greeted with the sound of music blasting through the speakers. It guides them towards the carnival as they grow louder as you get nearer. Entrees are greeted by a gigantic bouncy castle. It is the very first thing noticed, with its colourful features when they first set foot into it.

A host of activities which centre around teamwork and is meant to foster bonds between those participating in it. Participants can be seen enjoying themselves in games such as dog and a bone, Twister, and an obstacle course comprising of cones and tape. These games have a heavy emphasis on working together. It suits the carnival’s goal of fostering positive relations between students.

Future Improvements?

They may lack in giving this event the wow factor since these games are commonly seen. The hall where it takes place is barely decorated giving it a bland feeling. The few activities that stand out are the water balloon fight, a photo booth with its creative props, and the giant bouncy castle.

In addition, a key to improving the experience for students is to do away with its lack of decoration, along with the unoriginality of games available. Of course, it will be mind-boggling to hope for roller coasters and merry go rounds. However, improvements can be made such as having performances, stalls that sell food and/or drinks. It could also use some colourful decorations and games that are of a more creative variant.

Fun, Nonetheless!

Nevertheless, people began streaming in as time pass by. Before long, the venue is filled with students with the majority wearing the easily spotted freshers’ T-shirt. Sounds of giggles along with laughter started to reverberate throughout the hall, giving rise to a cheery atmosphere. Hopefully, if this event is to be organised again in the future there will be improvements made to make it into an unforgettable event.

Views expressed in this article are those of the author and they do not necessarily represent the position of UNMC IGNITE.

Written by Yap Hor Yee

Photography by Katyayni Ganesan

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