Get your **** together, Organise in Style!

Good morning style enthusiasts! With assignments piling upon the stress of finals coming around the corner, disorganisation is definitely my middle name. Anddddd, I’m pretty sure most of you can relate to that! You’d be lying if you didn’t admit to owning that ONE chair or couch that exists as a mountain built by clothing. That one table with toppled body mists and skincare items. That one box that is drowning with the most random items! As students, our city was definitely not built on rock and roll, but instead its built on a BIG HOT MESS! Hence, it’s high time, the style section shared a few easy and affordable ways to organise your accessories and beauty care products. Time to get your **** together and organise in style!

Pssst don’t worry! The items that will be mentioned are easily and readily available!

H-earring a cry for help!

That’s right, I can hear the cries of your poor earrings left in flat boxes or chucked in drawers. When was the last time you fiddled for the matching side of your earring, failed to find em, and seized to style with them ever again? Been there, done that! Thus, a great solution would be to use a simple wire rack from any home outlets near you!

This pink wire rack (other colours available) is easily found at Daiso! Plus, you could think beyond earrings. Being creative and planning out your next organising “scheme” should always come with versatility. Accessories such as shades and necklaces can easily be incorporated onto the rack. I am proud to say that my accessories can sleep in peace at the low cost of RM 5!

Let’s get hooked!

Your essentials! Things that make you, YOU. Be it a blazer, jacket or cap! And of course, everyday items you need such as your purse equipped with cash, cards and everything needed to rush out the door! Personally, I am a huge fan of over the door hooks. It calls for easy organising that doesn’t damage your doors, unlike stick on hooks.

It’s great to have your everyday purse/bag ready for your stylish exit every morning! You’ll save the hassle of gathering your stuff from under a pile of clothes or even books. Or is that just me? Anyways, I’m a huge fan of blazers to dress-up a casual outfit, so I’d always have one hooked by the door, right next to a cap for the days in which I feel more chill and swag (yes I can see you rolling your eyes and cringing). So think about it, what are your everyday pieces that speak your style and needs? And BINGO! That’s what you’ve gotta get on the hooks, cause you’re hooked to them (I promise I’ll stop the cringe worthy-ness).

Once again, I have to thank the amazing and student bank account friendly, Daiso! You could opt for a full sized hook set which is cheaper, but in my own context, RM5 per individual hook for something with more dazzle and fun wasn’t too bad at all! Just have fun, do you and see how it goes!

Trolleyin around *Badum-tss*

When I ran out of space due to my inclined love for makeup, nail art and hair styling, a simple and cute solution was this Ikea RÅSKOG trolley! Retailing at RM149, it may come across as pricey which contradicts the “affordable” notion of this write-up. However, the quality and space is definitely incomparable to the other similar products out there which are usually made from plastic or flimsy forms of hollow stainless steel.

Knock your foot on this steel baby, and the whole neighbourhoods gonna hear you scream! And that my friends, is how you prove quality and sturdiness. Jokes aside, if I’d like to move many items within the shelves, all I’ll need to do is pull the trolley around, it’s “wheely” convenient (last cringe statement, I promise).

You can chose to categorise the shelves however you like! In my instance it was makeup and brushes on the first shelf, nail art products on the second, and hair equipment at the bottom. A really cute design is seen on my trolley which was designed by one of my favourite Malaysian instagrammers, Emma Shazleen in conjunction to the Ikea, Cheras opening about 4 years back! Yes! It was my first time winning a giveaway, I gotta say, it was thrilling.

The reality of it all?

Truth be told, most of us have probably tried to engage in similar ways or using similar products to aid in our organising skills, especially when it comes to our style related belongings. Is it long-term? My guess is – No! Some of us have these natural sparks of wanting to organise at the weirdest given moments 3am, in the middle of a project or even in your dreams! Problem is, these odd spikes may not be as frequent as we’d like. So, inconsistency will definitely be a tiny barrier, in which your space might be spot on tidy on a Monday, and may end up looking like a Tim Burton movie by the end of the week.

It happens. But hey, if you ever get the chance to decently adaptate some of these simple organising tips have fun with it, don’t be too serious as that’s what causes it to feel like a task!

Until next time, we hope you enjoyed this write up, get up, get your **** together and organise! Or don’t……..we’re not here to force you (or are we?). But, if you’re a style enthusiast, definitely make some changes and take some time to treat your fashion pieces right!

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Written by Nadine MS, Style Section Editor.

Photos by Nadine MS.

Fashion failures happen, but with failure comes success.

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