Hair-Care Tips: Quarantine Edition

As we enter the new month of April in the midst of an extended quarantine, a vast majority of us find ourselves struggling to adjust to a slower-paced lifestyle. With the abundance of daunting news that awaits us every morning, we find ourselves engaged in constant stress. In fear and panic, we share with every tap of our phones, ringing of the notification bell, and we converse about the current pandemic.

Hence, we here at Ignite, encourage everyone at home to utilize the time we have been given to practice physical, mental and aesthetic self-care. Most of us miss having access to getting our nails done, going for a facial and visiting salons for hair appointments. This article will demonstrate multiple effective ways, everyone can engage in at comforts of their home. Hence, we present a simple, yet detailed guide of home-friendly techniques to maintaining your hair with ingredients found in any typical kitchen cabinet! 

Treating Dryness!

If you can relate to spending hours straightening or curling your hair, nourishing it and teasing it, only to end up with frizzy strands just a short while after entering the humidity, you most likely have dry hair. Additionally, a lack of flexibility, a coarse texture, split ends and breakage are also signs of dry texture. We believe that following these tips can promote healthier, voluminous hair. It is essential to understand that conditioning is a large part of making sure moisture is retained at our ends and roots. However, most store-bought conditioners often lead to short-term texture and further depletion in the health of our hair. Ingredients such as sulphate which is a significant component to your everyday hair products at the drug-store, strips the natural oils of the hair excessively, promoting long-term damage. Therefore, natural ingredients are the way to go! 

Use Rosemary Leaves

Source: Click and Grow

Take rosemary leaves (fresh leaves are ideal, but even dried can be used) with lavender leaves and boil these in 1 cup of water until the solution turns brown. Use a scoop of aloe vera and make sure to blend well until it is liquid in texture. Once the rosemary has cooled, mix the two together and pour the mixture into a bottle. 

Apply and massage this into freshly shampooed hair in order to prevent oiliness and dry scalp and to achieve root strength with a glossy nourished finish. The essential oils present within rosemary, also contribute towards improving your hair growth as it is nutritious not just to the hair but also to the scalp.

Try Avocados

Source: Hygienic Nasta

Mash an avocado into a paste and blend it together with one egg, and apply this mixture onto wet hair for the ideal results. Because avocados are rich in vitamins and fatty acids, it will help to retain moisture in your hair. Additionally, the protein in eggs further promotes health and strength to the hair follicles. This remedy can be left on for around 20 minutes, and repeated on a fortnightly basis for the best results!

Wrap Wet Hair Dry

Source: Style Craze

Patting your hair dry, or naturally drying it will prevent you from the damages of a hairdryer. A towel is essential to aid this process to absorb as much water. After a good towel wrap and dry, your hair will dry in the open comfortably and easily. In the long-run, you would be left with luscious hair as compared to excessive exposure to heat drying.

Some other less invasive tips you can incorporate to your day-to-day lives, includes using a humidifier while sleeping! More importantly, wearing your hair down more often will reduce the stress on the roots and prevents breakage and thinning. If you’re a supplement junkie (we only promote beneficial ones for vitamin purposes) don’t forget to dose up on omega-3’s. The anti-inflammatory properties of omega-3 further strengthens the hair follicles, strengthening it to compensate for daily hair loss!

Getting Rid of Grease!

For those who struggle with the opposite, you may find that your hair is oilier than you would prefer. Excessive oil can be just as troublesome and discomforting as dry hair, but on the opposing end of the spectrum. So lets also look into tips that can be accounted for at home, not only to maintain but to also improve the health and texture of your hair, keeping it grease free!

Lemon Juice

Source: ifoodreal

The first tip for tackling greasy hair is a combination of egg and lemon juice. It has shown to work wonders for healthier hair. Taking two eggs with the yolks separated, whisk in some lemon juice for an optimal combination of protein and vitamin C. Just spread this mixture evenly onto your scalp! With a wait time of 10 minutes, rinse your hair with cool water and watch as it slowly transforms into a desired texture. The acidity of the lemon combined with the egg whites directly treat the smaller glands on our scalp that cause oiler hair. 

Home-made Elixir!

Source: Darsh Naturals

To create this elixir for yourself, you will need to gather black seeds, avocado oil, and rosemary! Start of by grinding the seeds, adding the avocado oil and rosemary together. Shake it well, and allow the oil to infuse with the other ingredients for 4-5 days in the fridge. Once you notice your mixture has turned from green to black, strain the seeds from the liquid. To use the elixir, massage it onto damp, unwashed hair. Leave this mixture in for approximately 24 hours, and you will see stunning results after a thorough wash! It is as easy as that!

Final Thoughts? 

Within a time of constant negativity in the air, it is vital to remain positive! You can embrace optimism through an act as simple as optimising your routine. It is indeed true that most individuals, including myself, struggle at maintaining said routines over a prolonged period of staying home. However, with these tips you can be ensured to maintain and practice healthy self-care tips, and remember to stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy. 

Till next time, feel free to browse through our other write-ups at the style section!

Written by Amrita Sachdev, Style Section Writer.