Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry ACE-Mas!

Christmas Carols? Scrumptious delicacies? Cone-shaped red hats? A pine tree decorated with colourful ornaments? Laughter and smiles? Memorable moments? This definitely rings the jingle- CHRISTMAS IS ROUND THE CORNER- bells.

Getting ready for the long awaited annual festivity that Christmas brings, the ACE Society at UNMC hosted its third annual Christmas-themed charity event, commonly known as “ACE-Mas”. This event brought in underprivileged children from charity homes which included Rumah Keluarga situated in Kajang, Sunbeams Home hailing from Cheras, Corner Stones and Desa Amal Jireh from our very own neighbourhood of Semenyih. To add on, the children ranged from as young as two years old and the oldest around 14/15 years old who were accompanied by their caregivers.

To begin, the children and caregivers arrived just after four and were ushered to the Sodexo cafeteria whereby they had their early dinner and were distributed their Christmas hats by fellow ACE members. The menu for the evening was a mouth-watering spread that included fried rice, meehoon noodles, sausages, potato curry and Ribena. Whilst the children were enjoying their dinner and mingling around, fellow ACE members at F3A12 were busy setting up decorations and sound checking for the next part of the event. This include performances from our very own UNMC Choir, a newly-formed band known as “Sierra” and not to forget, the highlight of the evening; the movie screening and present giveaways.

After the tummies of our guests were filled with the delicious refreshments provided, the children and their caregivers proceeded to the lecture theatre and were greeted by the Christmas decorations and delighted ACE members awaiting to meet them. The children were undeniably eager to know what was in store for them and once everybody was settled into the seats, the second part of the event was kicked off by welcoming speeches by the President, Ong Yoke Pei, and Vice-President, Jess Phuah of Ace Society 2013/14. Thenceforth, the UNMC Choir took the stage, all dressed in smouldering red attire, and entertained the audience with an ensemble of Christmas songs that included “Carols of the bells” followed by Glee’s cover of “Extra-ordinary Merry Christmas”. The finale song was none other than the classic Christmas tune of “We wish you a Merry Christmas” whereby everybody sang along


Next up was UNMC’s boyband, known as “Sierra”. The band comprised of Imran taking on the tambourine and vocals, Amir and Ariff on the guitar and Azim on the cajon. The boys showcased their impressive talent with covers of Arctic Monkey’s “High” followed by legendary rock band Guns n Roses famous tune “Sweet Child of Mine” whereby the crowd sang along and cheered on. The last cover was definitely the best as they belted my ultimate favourite song, “The Scientist”, by none other than British group Coldplay.

The event was not over yet ladies and gents. Once the performances were over, there was a short washroom break for the children to stretch their legs and ACE members double checked to make sure all was in order and squeezed in a sneaky photo session with each other. The event resumed with the movie screening of the animated movie “The Rise of the Guardians” which was undoubtedly a favourite of the children and I must add, myself. (Who doesn’t enjoy a dose of an animated-fantasy film about a group of immortal superheroes once in a while?)

As the ACE-Mas event was coming to an end, the gift presentation was the last thing on the agenda for the evening. The kids from the different homes received a gift courtesy of the generous sponsors and the smiles and joys on their faces was priceless. It was definitely the icing on the cake.

To finish off, ACE-Mas showcased the true spirit of Christmas; the spirit of sharing and the spirit of giving. Furthermore, the ACE-Mas: Shoe Box Project, which was established two years ago, was undoubtedly a well-executed event by UNMC’s Ace Society.

Merry Christmas everybody and hope you all have a festive one this year!


                                      – Syahira Khan

My quest for knowledge is a never-ending exciting journey.

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