Hogwarts-Inspired Outfits for Those in Malaysia

To every Potterhead out there, this is for you! In this Hogwarts-houses themed article, we explore how you can match your clothing choice according to the house you’re in (if you have yet to know which house you belong to, you can be sorted here). Malaysia is a hot country, so usually we cannot reenact most of the Hogwarts inspired outfits we see online. But today, you’re in luck! I have created a simple guide to Hogwarts inspired outfits for the hot climate of our country.


Gryffindor, the house which Harry Potter is sorted into, represents the character’s best points  – courage, chivalry and determination. Gryffindors are known to be brave to the point of recklessness, and are very passionate about the things they love. That is why I would pick outfits with a bold and striking style that reflects their larger than life personality. Gryffindors are the life of a party (maybe even a little attention seeking at times). Their bold personalities own the room. So of course, the perfect outfit helps achieve that goal with more ease. 

Red and gold, their house colours, are the main focus, but you may add in white, black, mustard yellow and cinnamon brown to the palette. Girls, pick a simple crop top or a blouse and pair it with a mini skirt or tight-fitting pants. Complete your look with a varsity jacket or sweater, a pair of converse shoes and earrings. As for the boys, layer a white shirt underneath a hoodie. Follow with a pair of light denim jeans and white sneakers. Accessorise yourself with a leather wristband and you have the perfect Gryffindor look!

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Next would be the most inclusive house – Hufflepuff. This house values hard work and dedication while placing loyalty above all else. Their house colours are yellow and black, solid and reassuring. Hufflepuff students are many things, but typically the cinnamon rolls of the class. They are also the ones that lift the mood of a group by being their cheerful, bubbly self. Therefore, when I visualise what their outfits would be like, I lean towards a more outgoing style. One that is both light and simple would go well with their down-to-earth personalities.

Their positive, energetic vibes and outlook towards life can be showcased in bright and vibrant tones – yellow, white, golden brown. I would recommend girls to pick either a yellow knitwear top or a simple shirt with typography. You can then pair with mom jeans (or a denim overall) and white shoes. Elevate your look with a pair of earrings or a simple bracelet! For the male gender, I would suggest a patterned shirt with ripped jeans and sneakers. Put on a cardigan or a colourful shirt as an outer and finish with a wristband as an accessory. Voila! Your Hufflepuff look is complete.  

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Following next would be the house of Ravenclaw. This house is generally known as the smart house due to their core qualities – wisdom, cleverness and wit. They are your class nerds (and saviours – thank you for answering the teachers’ questions!) and are very competitive when it comes to their grades. A creative and innovative bunch, I can picture Ravenclaws perfectly embodying the light/dark academia aesthetic (yes, very cliché, I know). This aesthetic mixed with a splash of classiness would resonate well with their sense of individuality. 

Ravenclaws prefer organisation, therefore aim for calm and relaxing colours. Taking inspiration from their signature blue and bronze, any shade of blue paired with mint green, white or dark grey would suit them best. Here’s my advice for the girls – a navy turtleneck, a pair of wide-leg navy pants and black platform heels. Accessorise yourself with a charm necklace and throw on a long coat if the day gets chilly. To the boys, opt for a button-up shirt, a pair of tight-fitting jeans and canvas shoes. For outerwear, there are two options – a blazer for a smarter look or a hoodie and a pair of glasses for a bookish look.

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Last but not least is Slytherin, my very own house! We have strong attributions such as cunning, resourcefulness and ambition. We are the quiet, observant students in your class who like to keep to ourselves. Appearing all dark and mysterious is definitely a part of the aesthetic, according to the sleek green and silver of our house. Slytherins have a certain disregard for the rules (I can personally confirm) which may earn us the bad boy/girl reputation.

For my own house, I think a regal yet elegant style suits our sense of authority and confidence. We are leaders that prefer to work in the shadows. Thus, our colours would lie on the darker spectrum of the palette – forest green, black, royal blue. Slytherin girls, you can try expressing yourself in a dark crop top or fitting shirt with a statement piece like a leather skirt. Swap the skirt for dark skinny jeans if you prefer comfort. For shoes, your trusty pair of boots will do! Finish the look with a military style jacket, a choker or a pair of black sunglasses. For the boys, I would recommend a simple polo or button-up shirt, a pair of dark denim jeans and converse shoes. Complement the outfit with an open hoodie or jacket. Lastly, accessorise with rings and a delicate chain. All silver, of course! Here, you have the Slytherin bad-boy look with just the right mixture of stylish and mysterious.

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I hope this article influenced you to try creating your very own Hogwarts inspired outfits! If you do, be sure to post it on Instagram and tag us at @unmcignite. Feeling extra proud of the outfit? Submit it for StyleWatch here!

By: Kua Xuan Yi (Kitty)

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