IGNITE 9.0 Team

Introducing you to the people behind IGNITE 9.0!

Management Team:

Editor-in-Chief: Ivan Shahran

Managing Editor: Graciely O’Hara

Head of Operations: Khairina Khairul Nizam

Editorial Team:

News: Yasmin Raquq & Suhaib Shaukat

Opinion: Natasha Azmi

Style: Cassandra Chow

Literature: Matthew Goh

Food: Angel Low An Qi

Film and TV: Sofea Qistina

Travel: Lim Chian Yi

Performing Arts: Reshetha Rajendiran

Music: Wong Whei Shuen (Melody)

Science & Tech: Shweta Manoharan

Sports: Aunger Aung

Operations Team:

HR Manager: Chung YuJin

Finance Officer: Kathy Teoh

Events Manager: Alia Abrar

Events Committee: Akmala Mohammed & Hiew Tzy Hwan

Web Master: Sneha Lata Umrit

Marketing & Social Media Team

PR Manager: Seher Arif  

Social Media Manager: Cassandra Chow

Social Media Committee: Choo Yan Zhen

Photography Team

Head of Photography: Daniel Chen Zheng Ying

Interested in joining our team?

Contact us at ignite.unmc@gmail.com or @unmcignite on Instagram!

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