IGNITE Industry Training Weekend 3.0: Media Reborn

IGNITE launched the third installment of the annual IGNITE Industry Training Weekend under the theme Media Reborn. This year, industry professionals were invited between the 14th and the 16th of September to give participants a glimpse into how the media industry ran.

Day 1: Radio & Fiction

SEPTEMBER 14TH 2018, the event officially began at 10 am with an ice breaking session, to ensure the participants were familiar with each other.

Participants before the ice-breaking session

The first workshop of the day was conducted by Ahmad Fuad from the radio station BFM’s show Night School. His topic, “Radio Broadcasting For Beginners”, gave participants a practical introduction on how to establish their own podcast.

Group Photo after Radio Broadcasting For Beginners workshop

The second and concluding workshop of the first day, “Turning Personal Experiences Into Works Of Fiction”, was conducted by Malaysian fiction author, Hanna Alkaf. Alkaf shared insights on ways of establishing an original voice in writing and answered participants’ questions about the writing process.

Hanna Alkaf during Turning Personal Experiences Into Works Of Fiction talk

Day 2: Social Media & Smartphone Photography 

SEPTEMBER 15TH 2018, the second day of the event began with a session by Justin Tan and Farieez Akib, a social media entrepreneur and a web developer, respectively, at SAYS. The duo explained ways to use social media to its full potential in “Capitalising On Social Media”.

Farieez Akib

The following workshop, conducted by Krishnamoorthy Muthaly took on a more political stance, as Muthaly stressed on the importance of accessible journalism. Moreover, he gave the participants and overview on his newly published book, People Power Saves Malaysia, which deals with the recent political struggles Malaysia had to overcome. 

Krishnamoorthy Muthaly going with the participants over his book, “People Power Saves Malaysia”

The third workshop of the day, “The Ultimate Photography Tool, Your Smartphone.”, was a photography workshop with a twist. Conducted by Faliq Fahmie, this workshop taught participants how to use their smartphones to take professional quality photographs. The workshop was highly interactive and concluded with a fieldwork session where participants captured their own photos and received feedback from Fahmie.

The Ultimate Photography Tool, Your Smartphone with Faliq Fahmie

Day 3: Free Press & Investigative Journalism

SEPTEMBER 16TH 2018, the final day of the event, began with a powerful workshop, “Why We Need Free Press”. Conducted by activist Ivy Josiah, this workshop focused on the importance of journalism without censorship and intervention from the government or any ruling party. Josiah emphasized the public’s need to have access to enough information in order to form their independent and unbiased opinions.

Ivy Josiah

Following this, was Malaysian Filmmaker Isazaly Mohd Isa, with his session “Independent Filmmaking For Beginners”.  This session was an introductory workshop for participants to learn the basics of film-making, a step in the right direction for those who wanted to pursue it.

Group photo after Independent Filmmaking For Beginners workshop with Isazaly Mohd Isa

The concluding workshop of the day was, “Investigative Journalism” by Clarissa Say from The Star. The highlight of this workshop was an interactive segment in which Say got the participants to engage in a mock press conference. The participants took on roles of reporters, while Say answered their questions.

The mock press conference with Clarissa Say and the participants

IITW 3.0 concluded wholly with a networking dinner, IG-NIGHT with guest journalists, Koh Aun Qi from Malaysiakini and Iqbal Fakthi from Cilisos. Koh and Fakthi shared with the participants their path to becoming editors and  their experience working in the background of such major and different online publications.

Iqbal Fakthi from Cilisos with the participants

Written by Fathima Shamra Mohamed Rifai

Photographed by Shahriar Islam

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