Improving (some) campus facilities!

Let me share some of what I think are the issues with the campus facilities of our precious university.

Vegetarian food


Honestly, when I first entered the cafeteria, it felt like exploring a whole new world of different possibilities. Never in my life did I imagine a cafeteria based on different cultures. It was a sight for sore eyes: Arabic, Japanese, Malay, Indian, Chinese, Vegetarian, and Western—all in one place!

However, despite the diversity, vegetarians have limited choices.

According to feedback from about 6 to 7 vegetarian students, it would be great if they get more variations.

(And… vegetarian food is not only for vegetarians, right?)

Plus, the vegetarian stall usually opens only for lunch and is closed most of the time during the night and weekend.

Every Tuesday, there will be pasar malam. We have types of food, clothing, and accessories. But food choices remain very limited, even close to non-existent for vegetarian people. It would be so much better yet, if the Tuesday  pasar malam include not only ‘normal’ options, but vegetarian choices as well.

Study zones


Study spaces have always been extremely important to our student community. But since the number of students are increasing every day, there are inadequate spaces for study during study break or exam week.

Perhaps, the administration could open a whole building of classrooms during these periods for students in order for them to be utilised because all the study places all around the campus are full of students during the exam period.

Besides, different people will be comfortable in different places for revision. Place with background noises. Quiet place. Or somewhere private (but not the dorm!).

Also, as I go around the campus, I see that the foundation room at F4 building is empty almost every time, especially during the assignment or exam week. The room will be usually abandoned. It seems this space is going to waste. And it would be so helpful if it is open for use by students from different courses, irrespective of foundation or undergraduate studies.

Hence, providing conducive diverse places for students could help ease the trouble to find a suitable place to study.

Renting sports equipment

Access to quality sport facilities is important opportunity for students to get involved in sports and physical activities.

The swimming pool is one that makes me happy and helps me to cope with stress. Just like me, everyone might have their own favourite stress-busting activity. Going to the gym. Jogging. Playing badminton, tennis, and football.

Also, it is one of the places where cultural diversity occurs. Students from different part of world would use it. Hence, it helps students to know each other better and strengthen the positive relationship.

However, it bothers a lot to pay for renting sports equipment. For example, renting shuttle cocks, one should pay about RM5 for a few hours. The sports complex is one of the campus facilities and it should be free for all students (who have paid the expensive fees!) as long as they show their student ID cards.

Feasibly, the management can verify the equipment upon return. It can also impose fines depending on the degree of damage, if any.

Written by Thevigah Kumar
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