It Takes Two: The Pantsuit

Pantsuits have always been known to be associated with corporate menswear, but the ladies want in, too. This two-piece ensemble is seen more commonly now in a casual setting, with T-shirts and sneakers being its unconventional pairing. Yves Saint Laurent is arguably the pioneer of women power suits. His ’66 A/W Pop Art collection was revolutionary at the time, especially when gents were more commonly associated with wearing suits (or even pants for that matter) than their counterparts. But I guess he thought, “Power to the girls!”, and unknowingly created a little spark in women to be their own person. His work caught greater attention when Helmut Newton shot Marlene Dietrich for French Vogue, donned in YSL’s first tuxedo for women.

The pantsuit is no stranger to the runway, designers add their own identity to this classic trend. Fall ’11 saw Chanel recreating the suit blazers with their signature tweed, and then YSL followed suit with their leather-collared suit blazers. Courrèges came out with houndstooth suits with leather trimmings for their A/W ’16 collection, while Adam Selman’s A/W ’17 show saw silk pantsuits in hues of pink. This ensemble has made its way to high street brands, with Zara and Topshop creating their own versions of it with a much more affordable price tag.

Want to join the bandwagon but don’t know where to start or have the moolah to splurge on a YSL suit? That makes the both of us. But fret not, with every trend that exits the runway straight to the streets of Hollywood Blvd or Garosugil in Seoul, give it a couple of months and they’ll be on display at your favourite high street stores. Luckily for us, the likes of Monki, Zara and our very own Afiq M have caught up to the trend. And if you feel like it’s too much for daily wear, dress it down with your favourite pair of kicks and a white tee — and you’re ready for a day or night out in the town. What are you waiting for? Suit up!


Written by Tania Zainudin

Watch me strut into class, fashionably early.

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