Local Beauty Brands Home Grown in Malaysia

When it comes to beauty brands, we tend to lean more towards those popular international brands. But did you know that there are several local Malaysian beauty brands that offer good quality products? These Malaysian beauty brands focus on natural and organic treasures. Not to mention, the product reviews are incredibly good across the board! In our effort to #SapotLokal, this is definitely a win-win situation. Let’s look out for the hidden gems of local beauty brands now! 

The Mineraw 

Source: The Mineraw

Inspired by a connection to the earth and a love for nature, The Mineraw creates natural skincare and beauty products. They do so by using raw materials and natural ingredients. The sustainable KL-based brand has a series of beauty products that are vegan, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. Their products are easy to use, easy to understand and are even packed in recyclable containers. Their best-selling item, Glow Serum, is suitable for all skin types. It works by penetrating deep into the skin to retain moisture and elasticity. A cool fact is that the natural ingredients make their products smell pleasant despite having no fragrance.!

The products are sold at several places in Klang Valley. You can check them out here. 



With the slogan ’Begin from the Basics’, MORILAB;s goal is to make your skincare routine simple and efficient. Their minimalist skincare concept emphasises on three main routines of everyday skincare. That is Cleanse, Hydrate and Moisturize. Furthermore, the Australian Imperial Medical Cosmetics supervises this local brand. In fact, all products use natural ingredients and are suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Their high-quality MORILAB Hyaluronic Acid Mask has an exclusive patented technology on the sheet mask, thin enough to ensure all intensive nourishments are absorbed to the skin. 

Check them out herenow!  

Root Remedies 

Source: Root Remedies

Root Remedies is a Malaysian skincare brand dedicated to bringing high quality, natural, and minimal products for all. What sets Root Remedies apart is that they pride themselves in offering beauty products that consist of at least 90% natural ingredients. The brand’s philosophy is to use simple and high-quality products with minimal ingredients. Their reasoning is that a longer ingredient increases the risk of sensitivity or irritation, simply because there is more potentially irritating stuff. Their experience store is open at Bangsar, so do visit there to know more about this brand! 

Root Remedies have several stockists throughout Klang Valley as well. Find out the locations through their online website here

Claire Organics

Source: Packist.com

To end this article, I have decided to go with one of the pioneer organic local beauty brands, Claire Organics. This brand was one of the first to make all-natural skincare products easily accessible for Malaysian consumers. As a brand born in tandem with childcare, the first soap bar recipe actually used nursing mothers’ breast milk in its recipe! Its aim was to nourish their baby’s skin. Furthermore, its 100% handcrafted products are gentle and Earth-friendly with zero nasties in its ingredient list. Claire Organics uses fresh and natural high-quality ingredients like essential oils, shea butter, olive oil, oatmeal, and goat’s milk. Their Soother Balm is the number one customer favourite. It is blended with Pure Essential Oils and hydrating Avocado Oil to soothe and restore healthy skin. 

Check them out here

These are some of the great local beauty brands from Malaysia. All focused on making good quality products, using natural and simple ingredients. Do check them out to #SapotLokal during these hard times. Proud to be a Malaysian! 

By: Yee Jie Si (Jesse)  

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