Luna Lovegood: An Inspirational Character

Luna Lovegood, you may remember her as this rather strange character sorted into Ravenclaw House from the Harry Potter book series, or you may not remember her at all. As surprising as this may be, it is true. Some people simply do not remember much about Luna Lovegood. Oftentimes, Luna has been overshadowed by the Golden Trio, for her soft-spoken and mild nature may not necessarily be engraved into one’s mind immediately. However, this is exactly what makes her character so incredibly relatable. How many times have you, dear reader, felt overlooked by others that you had felt as though you had to conform to society’s unreachable standards? How many times have you felt as though you were not good enough for others? That hazy memory of Luna Lovegood is a prime example of how many people tend to feel about their lives: part of the action but never the centre or it. But, as astonishing as this may sound to some, not being in other people’s spotlight is alright.

Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood in the fifth Harry Potter film (source: reddit)

This seemingly dreamy and naïve looking girl with long, blonde hair and silvery eyes was first introduced in J.K Rowling’s fifth Harry Potter book, titled ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’. It was painted out, in a painfully obvious manner, that Luna was unable to fit in with her peers. I mean the nickname “Loony” that was given to her pretty much explains everything. From the way Luna chose to wear her spangled silver robes to go to the Slug Club Christmas Party with Harry, despite attracting a certain amount of giggles, to firmly believing in Nargles (magical creatures that live in mistletoe) existing, Luna has remained unapologetically herself throughout the book series. Never once did she allow anyone to change who she was. She may be quiet and serene looking, but her firmness, cleverness and stubbornness certainly give a very interesting aspect to her personality, and she is most definitely more than what meets the eye. Now, you may be wondering, ‘How on Earth is Luna Lovegood even relevant to us?’ Well, she is a wonderful representation of how and why we should be ourselves regardless of what others may say.

Luna Lovegood’s iconic “I hope there’s pudding” line (source: pinterest)

Luna may always seem to be somewhere just lingering around in the background of the storyline, but that is exactly why she is able to connect with readers because so many of us often feel as though we were just some useless little shadows in someone else’s story. With an increasing amount of people on the Internet in this modern era, it has become frighteningly easy for strangers to post demeaning comments. It is not new to hear about how these platforms have made so many people insecure about themselves. We sometimes can’t help but overthink about the belittling comments that others, both on social media and in real life, have made. Being pressured to conform tends to make us feel isolated, lonely and depressed. I am quite sure, dear reader, that you yourself have hopped on the bandwagon of at least one trend before simply because you desperately wanted to fit in. Don’t worry, I’ve been there and done that too. It is, however, certainly not enjoyable pretending to be someone else. Therefore, Luna can most definitely be a guide in building one’s confidence as she has shown readers that there is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing who you are as a person. We must start teaching ourselves that we don’t have to fit in with the crowd, and that the crowd will simply have to come to us, which is exactly what Luna did.

Although Luna was thought to be ridiculous by her peers at first, by the last book, many of those, who had once felt rather alarmed by Luna and had avoided her, grew fond of her. This is honestly rather amusing and ironic if you think about it, for it does mirror many people’s lives. The extremely quirky or awkward kid who possessed many eccentric beliefs and qualities was now well liked. This is precisely why Luna is so inspirational: yes, she was perceived to be odd, and yes, she was friendless for quite some time, but she never bothered to fit into some sort of mould. And you should start doing that too: allow others to love you for who you are.

Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood after the Second Wizarding War in the last Harry Potter film (source: bustle)

Society, by the end of the day, is ever changing. If you really think about it, what even is ‘fitting in’? It’s just a silly old man-made concept that dulls the brightness and uniqueness of our personalities – it’s an illusion. Our lives would be a little less difficult if we would just express ourselves to the very fullest and be comfortable in our own skins. It may be easier said than done, but wasting your life away only to regret it later on is so much worse. Perhaps in simpler words, what I’m trying to say is be like Luna. She’s a brilliant character for everyone to look up to, for she has shown that it is okay to possess integrity and march to our own beat of the drum. After all, we are never meant to shine in other people’s spotlight.

Written by Nicole Lee Jiaqi