The 2018 Nations Cup Men’s Archery Ranking Round began on this Friday evening (26 October 2018) at the field, with many participants taking their  chances to qualify for the semi-finals next week.


The archers were preparing for their shots.



It began…

Against the backdrop of the oil palms and the sporadic cheers by the supporters of the concurring games on that day, the archers stood shoulder to shoulder facing the target boards that positioned about 17 metres from them. Wearing the shirts that proudly showed the name of the countries that they were representing as the players of the game, the excitement of their respective supporters was highlighted. When the game started, every archer would draw his bow and release the arrow that flew with a hissing sound as it cut through the air, right before it thudded the target board.

Some participants joined the game late and were still sweaty from their last game. Perhaps it could be attributed to their fatigue, the latecomers were weak in their shots, which resulted in their rather low scores. Frustration was growing apparent as many arrows were aimed to the target board but merely hit the grass patch behind the board.


There were two target boards in the game.



Scores varied widely, ranging from 36 points to 200 points.  The top 4 scorers in this round of the game would be able to proceed to the semi-finals. The top three spots to qualify for the semi-finals were all taken by Malaysia with three participants having the average scores of more than 200 points. It is followed by Sri Lanka with one archer scoring 188 points that trailed a little behind of Malaysia.


One participant was attempting to shoot the arrow.


The ending

The event came to a close with all archers being in good spirits and leaving with a sense of good sportsmanship despite the distinction of their scores. The participants that successfully move on to the semi-finals are:


  1. Chai Wei Xuan – Malaysia – 251 points
  2. Muhammad Md Rosli – Malaysia – 229 points
  3. Ahmad Farhan – Malaysia – 206 points
  4. Sudesh Dias – Sri Lanka – 188 points


Congratulation to these top 4 scorers while not to forget to give all the participants in this game a pat on the back  !


Written by Jonas Ho Chan Wai

Photos by Mohd. Syamim Bin Safian

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