Nations Cup 2019: Men’s Archery Semi-Finals & Finals

Participants preparing for the match

This year’s Nation’s Cup held the semi-finals and finals for men’s archery on 6th November 2019. The match started out without much further ado. The players from the elimination round did not linger around, leaving us with the top 4 finalists for the men’s archery game: Jarome, Siva, Sebastian and Seif.

The matches did not take up too much time. In fact, the semi-finals and the finals were all completed within the hour that took place from 6PM to 7PM. As there were only two target boards available, the players paired up to accommodate for the lacking. To help differentiate from one another, they assigned different coloured arrows to the players.

While all players began with a rocky start during the eliminations, their arrows steadily made its way onto the board as they have finally managed to shake off the nerves. The ambience was very easy-going; it was evident that the players were at ease amongst each other. Some friends even came to cheer on the players, which made the environment all the merrier.

As more time passed and the stakes began piling up, the pressure slowly began to show in the way the finalists made their moves. Instead of the relatively instantaneous shots that were made at the beginning, the players then took time to properly align their bows to their intended target. Regaining composure certainly did work in their favour, as they managed to get their arrows onto the board efficiently after.

There had been a lot of near misses throughout the match, with some players lagging behind only by a breadth of single, double points. While they have more than proven their skills, some had more luck than others.

The final results are as followed:

         1st Place – Sebastian, with 86 points.

         2nd Place – Jerome, with 85 points.

         3rd Place – Siva, with 83 points.

         4th Place – Seif, with 41 points.

Congratulations to all the players that participated in the event!

Written by Sofea Qistina

Photos by Weiyu Xu

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