In the coolness after rain, the 2017 Nations Cup Badminton Finals began with Women’s Singles and ended with Men’s Doubles after three hours of intense matches.

The longest and intense badminton match

Women’s Singles

Returning for her second year in Nations Cups, Shaziyah Samad, representing Sri Lanka, fought a tense match of three games with her Mauritian opponent, Deepthi Ramchum. The supporting cheers from fellow nationals of both countries drowned the announcements of scores. Upon her victory, Shaziyah Samad was immediately enveloped in by her friends.

Shaziyah Samad  and Deepthi Ramchum

Meanwhile, on the other side of the court, Hoo Yi Mein grabbed the bronze medal after two games with another Malaysian participant, Emily.

Gold: Shaiyah Samad (Sri Lanka)

Silver: Deepthi Ramchurn (Mauritius)

Bronze: Hoo Yi Mein (Malaysia)

Winners of the Women’s Singles

Men’s Singles

Malaysians won all three medals in the Men’s singles. However, that did not mean that the matches were not as fierce as others. Muhammad Harris Luzman Bin Nazmi executed many impressive shots that elicited deafening applause from the audience and successfully defeated his compatriot, Teh Wei Lin after three breath-holding games.

On the other hand, Tian Foong emerged victorious with the third metal from two games with Nelaka from Sri Lanka.

Gold: Muhammed Harris Luqman Bin Nasmi (Malaysia)

Silver: The Wei Lin (Malaysia)

Bronze: Tian Foong (Malaysia)

Winners of the Men’s Singles

Mixed Doubles

In Mixed Doubles, Teh Wei Lin, the silver medallist from the Men’s Singles, and Hoo Yi Mein, the bronze medallist from Women’s Singles joined forces against Gayash Dias and the Women’s Singles champion, Shaziyah Samad. The Malaysian duo won the first place.

In the extremely close match for the third place between Bangladesh and Pakistan with each team winning one game with the exactly identical score of 22-20, the Bangladeshi representatives, Mohammed Hamzah and Sabah won the third game and the bronze medal.

Gold: The Wei Lin & Hoo Yi Mein (Malaysia)

Silver: Shaziyah Samad & Gayash Dias (Sri Lanka)

Bronze: Mohammed Hamzah & Sabah (Bangladesh)

Winners of Mixed Doubles

Men’s Doubles

Mohammed Hamzah re-entered the court, this time partnering with Furkan representing Bangladesh to fight for the bronze medal with the Pakistani team, Zain and Danish.

For the much-anticipated final for Men’s Doubles gold, unfortunately, one of the Dias brothers forming the Sri Lankan team, Gimash Dias, was unable to participate in the match due to his injury. After a discussion between the teams of Malaysia and Sri Lanka, it was decided that an exhibition match would take place instead.

However, the Malaysian team would still automatically get the first place. The Sri Lankan audience and players would like to express their appreciation for the decision to have an exhibition match instead, which established good sportsmanship. On that friendly note, the 2017 Nations Cup Badminton Finals ended.

Gold: Bryan Lum Sir Hwa & Muhammad Harris Luqman Bin Nazmi (Malaysia)

Silver: Gimash Dias & Gayash Dias (Sri Lanka)

Bronze: Mohammed Hamza & Furkan (Bangladesh)

Winners of Men’s Doubles

Photographs by Kuan Meng Xian

Written by Ed Yong Zhien Bao

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