The closing ceremony at the Great Hall marked the end of Nation’s Cup 2017 on November 10th.

There was a slight delay of the event, but food stalls were seen outside the Trent Building for hungry participants to buy from before the event officially starts.

At 7pm sharp, Dinho, the muscular Egyptian, appeared on stage to host the ceremony, where he first acknowledged the achievements and efforts of all the players, winners, losers, and even the injured.

Dinho as emcee of the evening

The evening’s performance saw an energetic performance choreographed by the Nottingham Dance Club. Camera flashes lit up the dimly lit hall, along with loud cheers from the audience, as dancers entertained them with suave moves and adorable Bollywood-themed dances.

Dancers dancing to Bollywood-themed songs

Individual awards were given out next. During this session, glass trophies were bestowed upon the best player of each sport and of each gender.

The emcee welcomed Omar, the University’s Students’ Association Sports Officer to give a short speech,

[It] doesn’t matter if you win or lose. What matters is you’re here representing your nation against everybody else.

Omar, SA’s Sports Officer, giving a short speech during the Closing Ceremony

The distribution of individual awards resumed after Omar’s short speech.

Up next, UNMC’s Cheerleading Club aka Beasts took over the stage with their stellar performances. They had the crowd clenching their teeth and gasping with risky people-tossing stunts.

A video that recapped the sporting events from the past 3 weeks was shown after Beasts’ performance. It was incomplete but showed exciting and amusing clips of some sports. The full video was also claimed to be accessible soon on Nation’s Cup 2017 Facebook page.

The final two individual awards namely Best Sportsman and Best Sportswoman, saw Dinho from Egypt and Student Association President, Tormalli from Sri Lanka winning the titles for both the categories respectively.

Finally, the Top 3 nations of this year’s Nation’s Cup were announced. Egypt won 2nd runner up, followed by Sri Lanka, while the grand prize went to the home country, Malaysia.

Malaysia celebrating their win as overall champion again for this year’s Nations Cup.

Sri Lanka sang their own rendition of “Everywhere We Go” upon finishing their national anthem.

Sri Lankans enjoying themselves in the spotlight together

Sarah Thorp, the representative from Malaysia, lifted the Nation’s Cups while Malaysians cheered “Malaysia Boleh” for three times.


The ceremony ended with a spectacular display of fireworks that was ignited from the direction of UniVillage.


Audience’s Thoughts

IGNITE spoke with Harinath, attending his 3rd Nation’s Cup and played as many as 7 sporting events this year.

When prompted to comment on this year’s closing ceremony, he said,

There was a water balloon fight last year- I missed that. But the Great Hall is a good location given the rainy weather. Otherwise, everything else was fine.

On attending her first Nation’s Cup Closing ceremony, another member from the audience who declined to be named commented,

The event was great except for the rough transitions between performances and technical difficulties. Too bad it’s my final year so I can’t attend anymore.


Written by Bervyn Tan Qin Chyuan

"They say that great minds think alike, but also fools seldom differ"

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