Nations Cup 2017: Cricket Finals

And Sri Lanka’s got the gold! Winning first place in both the male and female cricket categories against Bangladesh, this is also the second year in a row that Sri Lanka has won a gold medal for their female category. Pakistan and India were neck in neck for the bronze in both male and female categories, resulting in the gents from Pakistan securing the bronze against their Indian competitors, while the ladies from India won bronze against Pakistan.

The team from India rally themselves up for what will be a fast-paced and nerve wracking game, for both the competitors and supporters. 

Women’s Category

The day began with the battle for the bronze medal among the female category, starting with a bang as India competed against, and beat, Pakistan in just 4 runs. Starting off the day with a cheerful atmosphere, the team members as well as the supporters sat there in high spirits as the matches commenced. Prior to the match the captain of the champion Indian team – Vidushi, gave the team a pep talk, rallying up their spirits with encouraging words of motivation. They chanted that regardless of anything, the constant team spirit that remained would let them conquer the match, followed by a collective exclamation of ‘Jai Hind!’ by the team members as they dispersed. With seemingly never-ending rounds of cheers from the members of both teams, the cricket match got fairly intense towards the end, whereby a batsman of the team from Pakistan was run out in just two balls before the completion, with four runs to win.

Members of the Sri Lankan team never fail to show each other support and, in times of triumph, great cheer.


Sri Lankans then played against Bangladesh battling for the gold medal, with Sri Lankans meeting the set target of 53 runs in just 4.1 overs, scoring a number of “fours” (four runs) in the first stages of the match. The opening batsmen, Nipuni and Dulani completed the match remarkably with a no-wicket loss win.

A short talk with Nipuni, the captain of Sri Lanka, revealed what kept her team going:

“I believe it is our encouragement that keeps us going at all times. Even throughout the game, if anyone felt pressured, we still kept going. Even if a player puts a wide, be it me or anyone else, we all motivate each other and are never harsh with anyone. We keep motivating each other. My team is pretty good in fielding, and even if the opening batsman is injured she would still make it to the game because of the constant support from the team. “

A fellow team mate continued by crediting the captain for their win

“Thanks to our captain, we’re always into the game. She’s the most chilled out captain I’ve ever met, and has encouraged us to do our best at all times!”

The cricket finals comes to a close for the female category with Sri Lanka winning the gold, Bangladesh following closely with a silver and India closing with the bronze. 


Men’s Category

The Sri Lankan team readying themselves for an intense match while their national anthem plays. 


It was now time for the highly anticipated gentlemen’s cricket matches. The battle for the bronze was easily conquered by the team from Pakistan, who set a high target of 125 runs, winning the Indian team by 94 runs. The cheers from Pakistan rose as 5 consecutive Indian batsmen were given out towards the end of the match, with three Indian players being bowled out in a span of one over. Though it was a highly competitive space, the match remained friendly, with players from both the teams showing each other only the highest degrees of sportsmanship.

Finally, the battle for the gold was taking place. Patriotism and team spirit was abound among both the teams and their supporters, as the national anthem of both teams were played. The gold was proudly clinched by the Sri Lankans, who conquered the match with a no-wicket loss win, with opening batsmen Gimash and Insaf . Despite being injured, Sri Lankan’s player Gimash, gave an exhilarating performance, who with the help of his fellow team member made the runs and completed the match in 9.3 overs. The match was filled with an air of deafening support and cheer by the Sri Lankan supporters, who never failed to shout out encouragement to the team: “Come on Lanka, come on!” was a favourite cheer of the crowd, and paired with loud and uplifting music, pushed their players to keep succeeding. The cheering quickly escalated as Sri Lanka were this year’s cricket champions, and the supporters expressed their euphoria in the best way possible – shouting, dancing and yelling for their team’s triumph.

The batter from India puts up a good fight but ultimately, the bronze medal is won by the team from Pakistan in what is a highly engaging game. 



Females category

Gold – Sri Lanka

Silver – Bangladesh

Bronze – India

Males category

Gold – Sri Lanka

Silver – Bangladesh

Bronze – Pakistan

And that’s a wrap for the cricket finals in the male category – Sri Lanka and Bangladesh win the gold and silver respectively yet again, while Pakistan clinches the bronze medal.


Written by Fatema Kermalli 

Photographed by Kuan Meng Xian and Nate Ahmad