Malaysia became the undisputed champion in Frisbee with Sri Lanka and Egypt winning Silver and Bronze respectively. Key moments include a game being paused due to an injury.

On the 8th of November, the players had to compete in the semi-finals and finals on the muddy field due to the heavy rain earlier. In the finals, the game for bronze and gold took place side by side.

Sri Lanka vs Malaysia

Sri Lanka faced off Malaysia for the finals to win gold. The Malaysian team dominated the match, scoring 7 times in a row in the beginning.

Malaysia vs Sri Lanka

The game ended with Malaysia and Sri Lanka scoring 13 and 5 respectively. Malaysia had possession of the disc mostly and their throws were fantastic. As the pace of the game slowed down a bit Sri Lanka persisted to catch up, responding to cheers from their supporters. Their players hardly missed, enjoying themselves in spite of the bad weather.

Sri Lanka vs Malaysia

We weren’t expecting much from the finals, maybe a maximum of 2 points against Malaysia and a friendly game. Getting 5 points was really good. Our aim was to beat Egypt and we did it.

Haritha, Sri Lanka

Egypt vs India

The game for bronze was quite intense as both the teams played well and fast. Egypt scored first in the first few minutes into the game but India made a nice come back.  At one point, the game was halted due to Egyptian player Ahmad Wael getting injured.

Ahmad Wael injured in a match against India

India took the opportunity and scored two more times. There was slow progress for a bit but then Egyptian team equalised and the pace of the game returned to normal. Both the teams wanted a break as they were tired from running.

Egypt and India clashing fiercely

After some handful of throws, Egypt managed to score 3 more times. The Indian team kept on trying to score and defend, but to no avail. The game’s pace sped up until the very last minute where Egypt scored 7, and India scored 4 in the end.

Supporters for all the three teams cheered their players on while they ascended the podium to get their medals. They huddled up and praised their players. The players sang their national anthem proudly and congratulated each other.

Winners. From left to right: Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Egypt

Final Results:

Gold: Malaysia

Silver: Sri Lanka

Bronze: Egypt

Written by Mirza Rayana Sanzana

Photographed by Kuan Meng Xian

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