Many of you took a day off to celebrate Deepavali or enjoy the break and did not get to watch the matches live, so let me walk you through the football finals. Despite the intermittent drizzle, four teams battled hard for the winning title on the muddy field. Two games were held simultaneously at the beginning – Malaysia vs. Sri Lanka and Egypt vs. Rest of The World. The crowds were small, but cheerful and upbeat. Students gathered to support their friends.

Malaysia (yellow) vs. Sri Lanka (blue)

Malaysia won the first game against Sri Lanka with the score of 6-0, while Egypt succeeded in beating the team, Rest of The World with 1-0. Then, Sri Lanka fought with Rest of the World and grabbed the third place at the score of 4-1. Finally, the winners from the first round, Malaysia and Egypt compete to be the champions.


Due to the rain, the ground became slippery and caused a few members of the Malaysian team to leave the match with painful injuries, pulling out from the game. After an intense thirty minutes, Egypt scored 1-0 against the Malaysian team. Their joyous howls of triumph echoed through the fields.

The final match. Egypt (red) vs. Malaysia (yellow)

This makes it the second time in a row Egypt has won the Nation’s Cup Football championship. Sameeh, a member of the team, explains that they did so well because they had the same team as they did last year, and therefore they were familiar with the group strategies. The team had no professional football training prior to the Nation Cup Games, only passion, spirit and teamwork. We will see if they can maintain their winning streak next year!

Written by Christina Hannah Bruno

Photographed by P. Zheng

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