NATIONS CUP 2018 Frisbee Finals: Setting the Stage for Sportsmanship

Last Saturday’s Frisbee finals demonstrated to its audiences that while Nations Cup games can get intense, heated and personal – good sportsmanship lies at the heart of the annual event.

On the 27thof October, six nation teams competed in two Group matches leading to the semi-finals and the ensuing final stage.

Group A consisted of India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan teams. Meanwhile participating in Group B were Egypt, Maldives and Malaysia teams.

The quarterfinals unfolded quickly for both Groups thanks to Frisbee’s face-paced nature. By mid-morning Group A’s India and Bangladesh defeated Pakistan with 15-2 and 8-4 points respectively. Later, Group B’s Egypt and Malaysia edged out the Maldives team with 9-6 and 12-3 points each.

This left Bangladesh, Egypt, India and Malaysia to battle it out at the semi-final stage. Eventually, Egypt knocked Bangladesh out of a spot in the top 3 during an intense battle that ended with 8-7 points respectively.


Egypt edged out Bangladesh in the quarter finals.


A good show of sportsmanship during Egypt vs. Bangladesh


Egypt vs. India

Egypt faced off India for a chance at gold. The ensuing battle had audiences at the edge of their seats. Screams and shouts could be heard from all sides as both teams scored a universal point during almost every round. Then, an accidental collision between an Egyptian and Indian player led to a medical interference and a short halt of the game.

Medical interference during the intense Egypt vs. India.

However, the intensity of the game did not subtract from the players good natured concern for each other. For instance, both teams readily helped any fallen players off the ground. They also dealt with their own disputes, foul and line calls respectfully using Frisbee’s code of ethics known as the ‘Spirit of the Game’.

The action packed battle between Egypt and India saw many nail biting moments.

With emotions running high, the nation teams continued to trail each other. However, as the match concluded India ultimately proved victorious, beating the strong Egypt team by one point. While credit must be given to the Egyptian team for their consistently clean reception of the Frisbee disc and their female players whom expertly stood their ground alongside their male team mates – the India team was quickly becoming a crowd favourite as the underdogs who were expertly rising in ranks.

India was quickly rising in rank.

India vs. Malaysia

Easily the highlight match of the day, the final stage saw the confident and tactically impressive Malaysia team go against the passionate and physically advantaged players of India. The battle for first place brought out an increased combination of athleticism, stamina and speed by both teams. As a result, Malaysia initially took the lead with 4-0 points in the first quarter.

Malaysia vs. India.

However, instead of riding the high of victory, the Malaysia team players approached the India team with some helpful tips and advice in between time-outs and restarts. Charmingly, they proved that sportsmanship lies at the essence of the action-packed, non-contact sport of Frisbee.

Around half-time, India made an incredible goal. Maintaining possession of the disc, the nation team’s players frantically pushed to the goal line despite Malaysia’s strong defense. At the last minute, it seemed as if the defensive Malaysian player’s insane vertical leap would push the disc back out of the goal line, only for the frisbee to be pinched out of the sky with the barest of fingertips by an Indian team member. The result was a goal worthy of the roaring applause it received.

India and Malaysia going head to head in the final minutes.

With a boosted confidence and rallying morale, the India team started to slowly catch up to their Malaysian opponents. At the end of the match, while it was apparent that Malaysia’s tactical skills were superior, India undoubtedly put up a great fight and even scored a goal in the final minute – earning 2nd place to Malaysia’s first place with 5-8 points.

A class act by both teams.




1st Place: Malaysia

2nd Place: India

3rd Place: Egypt

4th Runner Up: Bangladesh


Written by Amirah Qistina Hazrin

Photography by Syamim Safian


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