Nations Cup 2018: Men’s 100m Sprint

The 100 metres track race, held on Friday, October 26, comprised of 14 runners, split into three heats. Two fastest runners from each heat were set to compete in the final.



Name (Team) Time(s)
Imad Fouzer (Sri Lanka) 12.84
Youssef Elfeky (Egypt) 12.69
Osama Sadiq Ali (Pakistan) 13.53
Muhammad Nazir Aliya (Nigeria) 11.86


Aliya of Nigeria and Elfeky of Egypt progressed to the finals. Nazir had a strong start and finish, outracing the rest of his opponents. Elfeky was a close second, finishing only a second behind Nazir.


Name (Team) Time(s)
Sulaksanath Gunenthiran (Sri Lanka) 14.00
Mohamed Ibrahim (Egypt) 11.16
Rahul Reddy (India) 12.71

Abdullah Zahid (Pakistan)



Heat 2 saw an impressive win from Egypt. Ibrahim beat the rest of his competitors by a huge margin. Reddy managed to catch up, taking the second place which qualified him to represent India in the finals.

“I’ve never seen someone run that fast before!” remarked the timekeeper, who was witnessing Ibrahim’s speed firsthand.



Name (Team)


Dominic Mathews (Sri Lanka) 14.06
Amar Yasir (Sudan) 13.75
Ali Tolba (Egypt) 12.25
Maahi Karim (Bangladesh) 13.72
Malek Ghandour (R.O.W) 13.92


Egypt’s Ali Tolba conquered the race, outracing all his opponents with a sprint of 12.25 seconds. Bangladesh’s representative Maahi Karim finished second. Unfortunately, he did not compete in the finals due to unforeseen circumstances.




The top two runners from each heat competed in the finals. Malik Ghandour (R.O.W) and Osama Sadiq Ali (Pakistan) occupied the fastest loser spots.




Gold: Mohamed Ibrahim (Egypt)   –  11.10s

Silver: Muhammad Nazir Aliya (Nigeria)  – 12.04s

Bronze: Rahul Reddy (India)  –  12.21s

 The star of the evening, Ibrahim, emerged as the champion. His teammate, Tolba injured himself in the middle of his sprint. Tolba was predicted to be one of the top runners in the finals.

He continued his run and fought through the pain, as the crowd cheered in the background, giving him the strength to push through.

Nigeria’s Muhammad Nazir bagged the silver medal. He finished with 12.04 seconds, a slight drop from the 11.84 seconds he clocked during the heats. India finished third, represented by Reddy, the dark horse of the race.

The crowd was surprised to see Ali Tolba, one of the star runners of the night injure himself during the finals. However, Egypt still took the gold by securing one of the fastest runs in the Nation’s Cup 100 metres track race.


Congratulations Egypt. Strong lead for Nation’s Cup 2018.



Written by Alina Aisya

Photographs by Aimin Omar Ali

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