Nations Cup 2018: Men’s Basketball Finals

Nations Cup 2018 Men’s basketball finals were intense with talented players and determined team. During the Men’s basketball finals, China and Egypt compete for Bronze, while Malaysia and Indonesia played for Gold.

China vs Egypt

For the Men’s Bronze match, China competed against Egypt.

Before the match began, the atmosphere was bustling. An intense dodge ball match was ending on the other side of the court as ecstatic fans passionately screamed for their teams. With excitement in the crowd, both teams seemed energetic and mentally prepared to compete.

At the tip off, Egypt seized the ball. The Egyptians maintained control and strong possession of the ball, which allowed the team plenty of opportunities to shoot. The Egyptian team communicated well and had a lot of encouragement from supporters. China also exhibited their talent with clean shots, quick passing, and other basketball tricks.

During the game, a dodge ball had bounced onto the court. The teams played on, remaining cool, calm, and collected. One of the players from the Egyptian team simply kicked it away like a football and the match resumed as if nothing happened.

The game was neck and neck, as both teams were equally qualified. Egypt proved to have speed on their side with players dribbling across the court in no time. The team depended on their taller players like Joe to score but their defense could have been stronger.

As China was leading with 6 points and Egypt with 3, the Egyptian supporters advised the team to play harder. Both teams continued to compete strongly. Egypt then scored 10 points with China at 8 points, until both teams tied at 10 points after the half time.

Egyptians in the crowd chanted for their team and Malaysians cheered for the Chinese team. China had high-speed interceptions of the ball and Egypt impressed the crowd with their shooting. Either team could have won the match. Ultimately, China secured the bronze medal in the last moments of the match with a final score of 22-21. Players from both teams took off their shirts – one in celebration and the other in defeat.


Malaysia vs Indonesia

The highly anticipated match for the Men’s Basketball Finals saw Malaysia and Indonesia compete. The teams showed great sportsmanship, shaking hands before the game. As Indonesia relaxed while waiting for the match to start, Malaysia huddled, giving off a more competitive vibe.

Spectators watched closely as the match began with Indonesia’s possession of the ball at the tip off. Although they started off with the ball, Malaysia consistently scored double the points of Indonesia in the beginning of the match.

Both teams were experienced. The talented Malaysian and Indonesian players demonstrated excellent teamwork. Malaysia had rebounds, passing, and shooting. Indonesia’s clean shots had even more of a wow factor. The crowd cheered for the teams with the court divided by Indonesian’s chanting and Malaysian supporters yelling “Malaysia Boleh!”. The match definitely kept the crowd entertained. As the game progressed, there were more aggressive plays with a lot of tackling, pushing, and falling.

The Indonesians really stepped up their game. After three 3 pointers by the Indonesian team, the score went from 12-5, with Malaysia leading, to a score of 14-16. Unfortunately, their victory was short-lived and  both teams tied twice again. Malaysia and Indonesia truly put on a show for the audience.

Just before half time, Malaysia shot and dominated with a score of 24-21. The Indonesian team missed both of their free throws in the last second of the match before half time. When the game resumed, Malaysia started with possession of the ball. The second half of the game was characterized by numerous fouls and free throws. This further delayed the ending of the match and enhanced the enthusiasm of the crowd.

The teams played even more aggressively. Malaysia blocked shots, putting up a strong defense despite Indonesia’s successful attempts to intercept the ball and attempt shots. Indonesia scored several 3 pointers and Malaysia similarly continued to shoot.

The intensity of the match during the last two minutes was through the roof. With a tie of 37-37, the medal could have gone to either team. The teams alternated in free shots towards the end of the match until the last seconds of the match. At that point, Malaysia had 45 points leaving Indonesia with just 40. Indonesia fought hard for the silver medal but the Malaysian team were the undisputed champions.


Match Results                                                              Final Score

Bronze medal               China vs Egypt                            22-21

Gold medal                    Malaysia vs Indonesia             45-40


Final Results

Gold:                  Malaysia

Silver:                Indonesia

Bronze:             China


Written by Sophie Byfield

Photographed by  Aimin Omar Ali

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