Nations Cup 2018: Rugby (Day 1 and 2)

Day 1

Game 1: United Kingdom vs Malaysia

The first day of Nations Cup Rugby preliminaries began on the 29th of October, 6.15 PM, when UK took on Malaysia in a winning effort with scores 2-1. The match was an intense one and two Malaysian team members suffered injuries during the game, including a dislocated shoulder.

Game 2: United Kingdom vs Egypt

Following their win, at 6.50 PM, the UK took on Egypt. Egypt started off strong and with speed, with a player running the full field to score the first touchdown. The UK team was able to up their game and give a good fight, resulting the match to end with a draw of 3-3.

Match-day concluded at 7.20 PM.

Day 2

On 31st October – Malaysia, Egypt and the United Kingdom were ready to compete again for the Nation’s Cup Rugby trophy.   Since there are only three teams, the rugby matches require each team to rotate and play against each other. Day 2 began with the Malaysian team taking on Egypt.

Game 1: Malaysia vs Egypt

Malaysia had an energetic start and maintained their possession of the ball throughout the game, scoring 4 points before halftime.

After half time, Egypt gave it their all to outplay Malaysia. The game got aggressive and heated between the players, and a player from Egypt was injured, which caused a short halt to the game. Egypt managed to score a point for their side while Malaysia snagged another point as well. The game ends with Malaysia 5, Egypt 1.

When asked Nik Haziq how he felt about his performance in today’s game,  he said “I think I could’ve done better. But it’s not about the tries I made, it’s about the playing with my team.”

Game 2: Malaysia vs UK

Malaysia was up again to go against UK, after Monday’s game. Malaysia was already at a disadvantage in comparison to the UK team since this was their first match of the day. In the beginning, Malaysia showed strong defence against the UK, but it wasn’t long before the UK scored their first point. The UK team would continue to conquer the field, bringing the final score to UK 4, Malaysia 0.

Stay tuned for the intense and much anticipated finals on Friday to see which team will take home the Nations Cup Rugby trophy.

By Alina Nazri and Kimberly Sarah Mathew

Photographed by Aimin

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