Nations Cup 2018: Swimming Finals

On the 29th of October, the finals of the swimming event occurred at the swimming pool with all participants demonstrating their hard work and dedication in the games. That night was filled with cheers and screams from the audiences who came to support those participants. There were 14  swimming competitions on that day, which were all held with great success.


Event 3 50M Backstroke Male

Admed Hani (Egypt) – 1 (39.93)

Chong Lik Keane (Malaysia) – 2 (39.61)

Omar El-Shweehh (Egypt) – 3 (52.19)


Admed Hani from Egypt won the first place while Chong Lik Keane from Malaysia came in a close second by merely trailing behind 22 milliseconds.



Event 4 50M Backstroke Female

Sarah Ann Thorp (Malaysia)- 1 (38.40)

Katherine Yap (Malaysia) – 2 (38.83)

Hawwa Nabaah Nashid (Maldives) – 3 (46.20)


In this event, Sarah Ann Thorp from Malaysia successfully took the first place while Katherine Yap, another participant from Malaysia won the second place. After finishing the game, the participants showed good showmanship by accepting their own results regardless of their satisfaction on them.


Event 5: 50M Breaststroke Male

Chan Zhi Yi (Malaysia) – 1 (37.17)

Tan Jiunn Ming (Malaysia) – 2 (38.06)

Admed Hani (Egypt) – 3 (42.72)


The participants from Malaysia– Chan Zhi Yi and Tan Jiunn Ming won the first place and the second place respectively while Admed Hani from Egypt won the 3rd place. Intense gazes fell on the participants as the supporters watched the game with their hearts pounding and rooting for their friends. 


Event 6: Breaststroke Female

Sharifaz Farisah Syed Azlan (Malaysia) – 1 (45.39)

Lai Mei Qui (Malaysia) – 2 (49.69)

Nidhi Malatesh (India) – 3 (1.05.32)


This event ended with Sharifaz Farisah Syed Azlan winning the first place and with Lai Mei Qui winning the 2nd place by solely falling behind 4.3 seconds. Both participants are from Malaysia. On the other hand, Nidhi Malatesh from India won the 3rd place.



Event 7: Butterfly Male

Tann Jiunn Ming (Malaysia) – 1 (30.75)

Foo Chuan Fong (Malaysia) – 2 (30.91)

Admed Hani (Egypt) – 3 (38.66)


Whilst this event did not have many participants compared to other game, it was certainly one of the events that captivated the attention of the crowd attributed to the swimmers’ amazing performances. Bravos to all of them especially to Tann Jiunn Ming from Malaysia that won the 1st place, to Foo Chuan Fong from Malaysia who won the 2nd place and to Admed Hani from Egypt that ended up being in the 3rd place.


Event 8: Butterfly Female

Sarah – Ann Thorp (Malaysia) – 1 (38.66)

Nidhi Malatesh (India) – 2 (59.59)

Katyani Ganesan (India) – 3 (1.06.74)


Sarah — Ann Thorp from Malaysia won the first place by being ahead of others for approximately 20 seconds. Meanwhile, the second and third place in this event were taken by two participants from India. Nidhi Malatesh won the 2nd place whereas Katyani Ganesa won the 3rd place.


Event 9: Freestyle Male

Tan Jiunn Ming (Malaysia) – 1 (29.25)

Cameron Johnson (UK) – 2 (30.49)

Qussay Al-Qirim (R.O.W) – 3 (31.15)


This was a very intense event with all participants pouring all their efforts into the game. Tan Jiunn Ming from Malaysia won the 1st place again, while Cameron Johnson from the UK won the  2nd place. On the other hand, Qussay Al-Qirim from R.O.W became the 3rd winner of this game.


Event 10: Freestyle Female

Sarah-Ann Thorp (Malaysia)- 1 (33.75)

Sharifaz Farisah Syed Azlan (Malaysia) – 2 (37.32)

Hawwa Nabaaha Nashid (Maldives) – 3 (40.84)


Another gold medal was given to Sarah-Ann Thorp as she won the first place again. The silver and bronze medals were rewarded to Sharifaz Farisah Syed Azla and Maldives’s Hawwa Nabaaha Nashid  respectively.



Event 11: 4x50m Medley Relay Male

Malaysia (1st place) – 2:21:24

Chong Lik Keane

Chan Zhi Yi

Tan Jiunn Ming

Foo Chuan Fong


Egypt (2nd place) – 2.48.55

Ahmad Ashraf

Admed Hani

Seif Elsakkary

Amar Wahba


In this event, the teams that represented their respective countries competed with one another to attain the top 3 medals. The crowd was cheering loudly for them as the competition became more heated.  At the end, Malaysia won the first place while Egypt took the 2nd  place.


Event 12: Medley Relay Female

Malaysia (1st place) – 3.06.71

Estin Liew Wai Yee

Sharifazz Farisah Syed Azlan

Sarah-Ann Thorp

Lai Mei Qi


Sri Lanka (2nd place) – 4.27.81

Dulani Kaweesha Karunaratne (C)

Fathima Aaisha Zuhair

Shariyah Anirah Samad

Nuha Kufran


The participants depicted the same tenacity as those who took part in the male’s medley relay. Similar to the last game, Malaysia team emerged as the winner after an intense swimming battle with other nation teams.


Event 13: 4x50m Freestyle Relay Male

Malaysia – 2.16.61

Darren Loh De Xuen

Wong Xing Yoong

Chan Zhi Yi

Chong Lik Keane


Egypt – 2.19.62

Admed Hani

Seif Elsakkary

Amr Wahba

Mahmoud Aref


Sri Lanka – 3.10.45

Gangul Nelaka Atapattu

Muhamed Aqeel Mohamed Ramzi

Sulaksanath Gunenthiran


It was a very exciting match as the result appeared to be very unpredictable throughout the race. It ended with Malaysia winning the first place, with Egypt winning the second place, and with Sri Lanka winning the third place.


Event 14: Finals 4x50m Freestyle Relay Female

Malaysia (2.50.60)

Sharifaz Farisah Syed Azlan

Estin Liew Wai Yee

Sarah- Ann Thorp

Lai Mei Qi


Sri Lanka (4.31.72)

Dulani Kaweesha Karunaratne

Fathima Aaisha Zuhair

Shaziyah Anirah Samad

Nuha Kufran


In this event,  Malaysia team competed with Sri Lanka team.  This event concluded with Malaysia team winning the race after quite an intense competition between the teams.



At last, the Swimming finals wrapped up in a pleasant atmosphere where everyone seemed to accept the outcomes of the games. Despite the wins and loses, the sweat and hard work should be celebrated instead of excessively focusing on the results. Congratulation to the winners ! At the same time,  let’s appreciate the time and efforts that were contributed by all the participants.


Written by Mohd Danish Bin Khairul Shahril

Photos by Tengku Asila Fatinah


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