Nations Cup 2018: Volleyball Finals

Tension heightened as the participating teams gathered in the Sports Complex on the 1st of November at 6pm for the last of the volleyball games. The event kicked off with the women’s category and ending with the men’s category where each team fought intensely for their respective nations.

Female Category: Maldives VS Indonesia 

The first match of the day was Maldives playing against Indonesia. Supporters cheered on their friends by the sidelines and watched closely as the game progresses ending with a close call by Maldives, winning 25-22.

Score: (1) Maldives 25 – Indonesia 22


Malaysia VS Maldives

The Malaysian team  started off fiercely leading with a whopping 12-0 before Maldives caught on almost half the points by gaining 7 points. 

The game progresses and Malaysia then takes the lead again eventually winning the game with a score of 25-13.

Score: (1) Malaysia 25 – Maldives 13

Malaysia VS Indonesia

The last of the female volleyball games were Team Indonesia against Team Malaysia. Team Indonesia showed more aggression in this match as compared to the previous match with the Maldivians. The games then ended with Malaysia winning the game with an impressive score of 25-8.

Score: (1) Malaysia 25 – Indonesia 8

Male Category: Bangladesh VS Maldives

The games started off well with both teams showing great energy and teamwork. Maldives fought hard in the last set in hopes to regain their score points, playing the longest rally in today’s games with all the audiences cheering for both teams. Finally, the long rally ended with Maldives hitting an out ball.

The intensity of the two teams lead to them calling for a time out at the last point in first set of games. With both teams equally as promising, it’s hard not to put up a good fight to secure the 3rd place. The game ended with Bangladesh bagging a clean win of 2 sets.


(1) Bangladesh 25 – Maldives 19

(2) Bangladesh 25 – Maldives 18

Malaysia VS Egypt

Egypt’s chants echoed the venue as the supporters show passion from their nation.

During the second set, both Malaysia and Egypt were both playing more aggressively with Egypt being a little more fired up. Despite all the passion and support, they suffered a defeat from Malaysia. For the finale, Egypt was slammed with an inevitable spike by the Malaysian team. Nevertheless, both teams showed great sportsmanship.


(Set 1) Malaysia 25 – Egypt 21

(Set 2) Malaysia 25 – Egypt 12

Ending the Finals with Malaysia 2 Egypt 0.

The series of Nation’s Cup’s competitive volleyball games concluded around 9.40pm, followed by the award ceremony with the Malaysian team winning golds for both female and male category.

Congratulations to the winners of the games and great job to all the teams that participated in the games!

Final Scores:


1st: Malaysia

2nd: Maldives

3rd: Indonesia



1st: Malaysia

2nd: Egypt

3rd: Bangladesh


Written by Ashley Yeong Hui Jin

Photos by Timothy Lee

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