Nations Cup 2018: Water Polo (Day 1)

1st Match: Pakistan versus Maldives

The water polo match between Pakistan and Maldives commenced at 6:35 PM. It ended with Pakistan emerging victorious with a score of 8-4.

The match ended at 7:04 PM.

2nd Match: Sri Lanka versus Malaysia

During the second match of Water Polo commencing at 7:32 PM between Malaysia and Sri Lanka, Malaysia managed to win the intense round with 3-0. The strategical defence from Malaysia managed to prevent Sri Lanka’s efforts in gaining a single goal. The Sri Lanka entourage came in with a roaring support system, cheering on their team during the match.

The match ended at 8:02 PM.

3rd Match: India versus Pakistan

Pakistan gave a good match, beating against India 7-2. The crowd coming in for the 8:09 PM match made the tournament more sensational and brought spirit to the game. Pakistan’s victory won them a position in the semi-finals.

The match ended at 8:40 PM.

4th Match: Sri Lanka versus Egypt

Egypt did not and needed not to break a sweat in their 8:35 PM match against Sri Lanka, as they dominated the match with 11-0. Despite the support system that Sri Lanka brought in, they could not defend against Egypt’s bold strategy. A player from the game faced injuries when he was elbowed in the chin.

The match ended at 9:08 PM.

5th Match: India versus Maldives

Although India in the first half of the 9:10 PM game came in 3-1, Maldives’ determination managed to negate India’s victory by scoring a tie at the end of the second-half. The match between the brother countries was rough and aggressive, fully evoking their hungry need to win or at least equalize the game. However, in the end, India came in swinging as they progressed through to the semi-finals.

The match ended at 9:40 PM.

6th Match: Egypt versus Malaysia

Although Malaysia arduously combated Egypt’s efforts, Egypt emerged victorious, taking the 10:00 PM match in stride with a 10-2 score. Egypt did not seem to need to strategize like Malaysia, as their confidence gave them their well-deserved spot in the semi-finals.

The match ended at 10:32 PM.

Semi-finals will commence the next day (11.02.18), so stay tuned for more results!

By Andreay Jee Khian Fui
Photographed By Mathiny Khanis

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